Fix “The System Has Been Destroyed” issue on Xiaomi Devices

Xiaomi offers some set of good smartphones at a great and aggressive price. They do offer great hardware and coupled with some good software. This is why many users in India prefer going for Xiaomi devices in the budget and mid-range segment. And maybe that is the reason for them to hold the place in the top 2 smartphone manufacturers in India.

But all of that aside, sometimes even Xiaomi device users face issues. One of the most common over these is “THE SYSTEM HAS BEEN DESTROYED”. Like this is seen in many cases and different Xiaomi devices. This issue primarily occurs when flashing ROM or rooting goes wrong. It may be possible that some or the other file get corrupted while rooting your device. So, if you are facing the same issue then here are a few steps that can help you out.

Fix System Has Been Destroyed issue in Xiaomi Device:

Method 1:

To start with, you need some tools and hardware devices to start fixing the issue. These include a PC or laptop, a compatible USB connection cable, and ADB tools for the device. In some cases, you also need unbrick tools for your Xiaomi device. You can download the ADB tools from the link given below on your PC so that these will help out in the process.

Fix the System has been Destroyed

Now that you have these tools ready, you are all set to work on fixing the problem. First of all, you need to boot your Xiaomi device into fast boot mode. This can be done by pressing the Volume down and power button simultaneously. Once done, just connect your device with a PC or laptop through a compatible USB cable.

After that, open the command window in the ADB platform tool on your PC or laptop, and type in the command fastboot devices followed with Enter key. In case the devices are listed in your command window then type for fastboot continues and click on the enter key. With the wait of few moments, your Xiaomi device should boot again and it should fix the issue.

Method 2:

In case the above method does not work out, then you can try this one but involves little more tools to start with. These include TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) and file on your PC. Now, just boot the device into fastboot mode using the power and volume up button. On the other hand, you extract the above-mentioned zip file on the PC.

Fix the System has been Destroyed

Over here, open the extracted folder and look for +OPENME+ file and double click to open it. After that, type 2 as this will show the system has been destroyed issue in another toolbox. Finally, this step will flash in TWRP on your Xiaomi device. From this onwards, you can interact with the device and navigate to Reboot -> System -> Do Not Install. That’s it.


That being said, if these above steps did not work in your case, you can contact any technician from the company. But do remember that flashing ROM or rooting has already made your warranty null and void. Either way, do consider sharing this how-to with your friends who have been facing the same issue. As who knows it can help them out.