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I Unblocked Someone on Facebook and they Disappeared: Why

Are you wondering why a Facebook friend or contact mysteriously disappears after you unblock them? When you unblock someone on

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Why can’t I Find Someone on Facebook when I know they have an Account

Do you want to know why you can't find someone on Facebook who has a profile? If so, you're in

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If you Unfriend Someone on Facebook, Do their Likes Disappear

When you unfriend someone on Facebook, do they still see your likes, comments, and tags? There's a lot of room

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If I Unfriend Someone on Facebook, Can I Refriend Without Them Knowing

Have you ever felt the urge to unfriend someone from your Facebook friends but feared they may find out? Maybe

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If you Unfriend Someone on Facebook, are you Still Connected on Messenger

Do you need to know whether someone will still be able to contact you using Messenger after you unfriend them

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