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Fix: Samsung Smart TV Internet Browser Not Working

If you're in the market for a new television, you should almost certainly choose a Samsung TV. In all honesty,

Abhishek Nath 13 Min Read

Remove Samsung TV icons stuck on screen (6 Ways)

Are your Samsung TV icons getting stuck on the screen? In search of potential solutions to the problem? Fret Not.

Akshita Pattanayak 11 Min Read

Fix : Samsung TV Stuck on One Channel

Are you wondering why is your Samsung TV stuck on one channel? Worry not we got you covered. You have

Abhishek Nath 13 Min Read

Fix: Samsung TV Screen goes Black for a Second then comes Back

The unexpected appearance of a black screen for a second on your Samsung TV, followed by its recovery to normal

Akshita Pattanayak 12 Min Read

Fix: NFL Sunday ticket app not working on Samsung TV

With NFL Sunday Ticket, you may watch every game played by teams in the National Football League (NFL). This app

Akshita Pattanayak 8 Min Read