The benefits of using a password manager

To avoid cyberattacks it is important that you create unique and random passwords for each of your accounts, whether it be your email account or any of your social media accounts. However, it can be difficult to remember them all. Here are the benefits of using a password manager.

You have so many accounts online, you can no longer keep track of them all. You can’t even remember creating some of them. As a result, you tend to use and reuse the same password over and over again. You want to be certain that you will always remember your passwords. You think that this is fine. After all, why would anyone want to hack you specifically?

The pitfalls of reusing passwords

Hackers may not always target you specifically, but that doesn’t mean you won’t attract their attention. By reusing your passwords you are putting yourself at huge risk. If, for example, you have an Amazon account, and Amazon is attacked by hackers, your password will be available to the hackers. If you have reused that same password to access other accounts, such as your email, you have given the hackers the key to your email account as well. They now have access to every single account you have created using that password.

It is not uncommon that businesses are hit by cyberattacks. Last year, for example, 200 businesses were hit by ransomware after a breach at a Florida IT firm. The IT firm was the hackers’ way into all the other businesses. If any of those businesses had personal information on you, that information would now be in the hands of hackers, making you vulnerable to a cyberattack. It is therefore important you create new passwords for each of your accounts. This way, hackers won’t have direct access to every other aspect of your online presence.

What is a password manager

People reuse their passwords because they have so many accounts that they can’t possibly remember the password for each of them, especially the accounts they rarely use. They know that this is a security risk. However, they don’t know what else to do. The solution to this problem is to use a password manager. This way you won’t have to remember any of your passwords. The password manager creates and stores all of your passwords. The benefit of using a password manager is that you can access your passwords through the password manager software on all of your devices and not just your computer, but your phone and your Ipad too.

Of course, you need to be able to trust the password manager software that you are using. You can find the best password manager here and read all about it. You can make sure you are choosing the right password manager to remember your passwords for you, so you feel confident that you are now protected.

As an extra precaution, avoid revealing too much information about yourself on social media. People tend to post personal information about themselves. This gives hackers extra tools to access your accounts, especially if you use information about yourself as a password such as your name or your birthdate. By using a password manager, however, you can create and store random passwords for every account.

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