How to Set google camera as default app on Android : 3 Ways

Google Camera is the most popular third party camera mods out there. In fact, we do keep on providing the google camera mod APK files to various devices. In case to check yours in the list click here. The main reason for this is the image processing from the AI and algorithms. From then to now, Pixel phones only come with the same 12.2 MP camera sensor. But the quality of photos it takes have improved from generation to generation.

This is why most of the users prefer google camera over the stock camera app they get with the device. As a result, find the compatible version for their device, install it and start using it. But the problem lies in the daily use case. I mean still, the stock camera is used in many third-party apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and more. So, here are few methods with which you can set google camera as the default app in your device. On that note, let’s get started.

How to set google camera as default app:

Method 1: 

Starting with the easiest option, just double press the power button. In case you do not know, in many devices, double press on power button wakes up a gesture. This is a quick shortcut to launch the camera in your device. It would work as expected when your device has the only stock camera.

set google camera as default

When another camera app such as google camera is installed, it would ask you to select one. At that time, you can select google camera and make it always. In this way, you can change the camera app and set google camera as default.

Method 2: 

set google camera as default

The above method may not work in cases where you have set the double press power button to something else. So, you can try out this next method. First, long press on the camera app and you can see app info on the top. Just click on it and navigate to defaults, in this menu clear all of them. Now the next time if you want to use the camera then it will ask you to select. This way select the google camera and click on it always.

Method 3: 

The last method with which you can set the google camera as the default app is a little longer than the rest two. To begin with, navigate through Settings -> Manage Apps -> Three Dots menu -> Default Apps. In this tab, you will see the list of default apps set for your device. It includes a home launcher, browser, dialer, etc.

Just scroll down to the camera app and click open it. After that, change the camera app to google camera and click on set default (or just click back). In the worst case, if your device does not allow you to change the default camera app, just disable the stock camera app. Even though it will not give errors to your device, it is not highly recommended to do so.


In short, one of these three methods should definitely work. Also do note that the naming can be varied from device to device. But overall, the road map of the method remains the same. I hope you find this thing really helpful. If so then do consider sharing this with your friends as well.