How to watch Philo TV in UK (Outside USA)

Philo TV is one of the rarest streaming platforms that offer much to watch under budget. In fact, they tried to cut down the costs for many local networks and premium channels. At the same time, they offer these channels as an add-on. So, if you want to watch them, then you can add these channels to your cart. To be precise, Philo TV starts at just $20 per month. To give you a perspective, YouTube TV starts at $65 per month. Also, for more channels, you need to pay more.

Long story short, you get it. Apart from that, Philo TV supports Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Roku, Android TV, Apple TV, and more devices. As a result, you can install and watch the same content on all of your devices. On the note of channels, there are in total 63 of them. Some of the popular options include AMC, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, Discovery Network, Animal Planet, HGTV, MTV, TLC, etc. You might have noticed that this list does not include any local channels or sports channels. It is the reason why Philo TV has managed to keep the price low and affordable.

Not to mention, you can add other networks such as Epix for $7 and Starz for $9, respectively. But the let down is that Philo TV is only available in the United States. It implies that you cannot watch Philo TV outside the US. So, the viewers from other parts of the world are missing out on such a good alternative. On that note, here is how to watch Philo TV in the UK or outside the US.

How to watch Philo TV in the UK or outside the US:

As of now, the only tool through which you can watch Philo TV outside the US is through using a VPN. In case you do not know, VPN, which stands for Virtual Private Network, is a tool through which you can access the network and its resources without any physical connectivity. To explain, with a VPN, you can use the network of the US, UK, or any region only by sitting at your place. Thus, you can connect to any US network and watch Philo TV. But, there are a lot of options out there. So, we have decided to list down some best ones along with a short description of each. 

1. Express VPN: 

Start with one of the most popular VPNs out there. Express VPN has more than 3000 servers with its reach for 94 countries. You can easily find at least one server in the desired countries. It costs around $80 annually that also includes three months free for the first purchase. So, make sure to check it out. 

2. Surfshark VPN: 

To keep the description short, Surfshark VPN offers a similar set of features at an even lower price. It starts at just $2.5 per month if you opt for two years plan. Also, you get 30 days free trial. 

3. Norton VPN: 

Lastly, Norton VPN is also an option to consider if you wish to go with a more trustworthy one. It is not like the above two are trusted. But, many users might have heard about Norton before the above names. So, it starts at $40 for a year. 


In summary, you can opt for any VPN as per your budget and required set of features and watch Philo TV. Also, free VPNs are either not reliable or are prone to attacks. So, you can buy any plan in a group of two to five that brings the effective price down. As most of these VPNs come with simultaneous connectivity option.

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