How to Use Internet on PS5 (Web Browser)

Sony PlayStation 5, or better shortly known as PS5, is selling like hotcakes in recent times. No wonder in this. Because people all around the world were eagerly looking forward to this next-gen console. It is the best selling gaming console for quite some time now. Fun fact. Sony PS5 has a market share of around 64% compared to the Xbox Series X and S collectively at just 36% as of Jan 2021.

Now, we are not here to compare both of these and conclude with the ultimate winner. Each of these has its perks, pros and cons. But, you get the idea. Well, despite such a demanding user base, Sony decides to remove an app for PS5. And that app is the Web browser. You might think that what is the need of any web browser on the gaming console. But, for every hack, trick, or workaround on your PS5, you need the web browser.

With the browser, you can access sites, download apps, games, or simple, search for anything on Google. Earlier, in PS4, they included the browser app natively. But, no idea why they decided to remove it in this one. Anyways, here is a workaround on how to use the Internet on PS5 with a Web browser.

How to use the Internet on PS5 with the Web Browser:

Before we get into the process, this is a lengthy and time-consuming process. Also, every time you need to follow the same steps to use the Internet. So, keep a note of this. With that out, here are the steps: 

  1. Go to Settings on the PS5 home screen. It is the gear type icon on the top right corner.

    How to Use Internet on PS5 (Web Browser)
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  2. In this settings, go to User guide, health, safety, and other information -> User guide. 
  3. Now, in this mini browser, you can see the help link of the PlayStation official site. Click on it. 
  4. Next, click on the YouTube video, followed by the YouTube logo at the bottom right. 
  5. After that, you can see the YouTube app. On YouTube, search for How to Google or How to Search on Google. 
  6. In the search results, click on the official video by Google. How to Use Internet on PS5 (Web Browser)
  7. Expand the video description and click on the Google search engine link. 
  8. Finally, you have landed on the Google search. From here, you can proceed to your destination. 
  9. This process saves more than half of the time if one of your friends also own a PS5. 
  10. For this, your friend has to message the official Google website, and you click on the link. 
  11. With this, you will redirect to the search engine. 
  12. So, the next step is up to you. 


In summary, this is way tricker than the native browser app within the PS5. But, there is no option as well. Until Sony decides to push the native app with a software update. Let us hope that they bring the browser app soon. Till then, take note of these steps and use the internet on your PS5. Lastly, consider sharing this with other PS5 friends.