How to get emoji ID Discord (Mobile, without Nitro)

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If you like chatting with your pals online, there’s a good possibility that you adore emoemojisticons and find it impossible to resist using them. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that animated emojis have become popular on Discord. These are capable of being put to use creatively but have never been tried before.

How to get emoji ID Discord

In this section, we’ll go through the steps for finding an emoji-id in Discord on a desktop computer. You’ll also learn where to find the emoji link and what actions to take. Below is an example of emojis used in Discord.

Discord emojis

1. Open Discord and identify the desired emoji

Launch Discord on your own computer as a first step. In this case, it doesn’t matter whether you’re using a Windows PC or a Mac; you’re welcome to use either.

Find the emoji whose ID you’re looking for by identifying it. The process of determining the name of the emoji shouldn’t be too complicated. Simply move the pointer that came with your mouse over the emoji, and you’ll see it change into the appropriate expression.

You will be presented with the emoji’s name in the form of a speech bubble that floats above the screen. Emoji-name is the word that’s used to refer to this.

2. Set up the Emoji ID

The emoji’s name has been revealed to you at this point. The emoji-id needs to be found next. To get the emoji’s emoji-id, merely insert the emoji’s name to the end of the shortcode, like so: (:emoji-name:).

3. Click enter and you’re all set!

The following should be done once the emoji name specified in the shortcode has been entered. Pressing the ‘Enter’ key on your keyboard is all that is required of you in order to send the message.

Furthermore, after you hit the enter key, the whole emoji code and the character’s name will be shown on the screen. This finishes our guide on how to look for an emoji’s id in Discord on a personal computer. The emoji-id of any emoji may be learned, even if you do not have access to that particular emoji.

It’s a little different on mobile devices when trying to find an emoji’s identity. You can refer to the section below for more details on how to do the same thing in mobile.

How to get emoji ID Discord on mobile

Android and iOS are both feasible possibilities that might be chosen as the operating system for the mobile device.

1. Open Discord and go to the appropriate emoji.

First, you should make sure that the version of Discord currently being used by the device in question has the most recent version. Find the emoji’s id by determining which emoji it is you’re looking for. To utilize an emoji, tap and hold for a second on the one you wish to use.

2. Make a copy of the text, then check the Emoji ID.

Multiple options will appear below. Among the several options provided, you need just choose Copy Text. You now have access to the emoji’s name, which has been copied to your device’s clipboard. Pasting it as a text message is how you may check it.

3. Use the Emoji to search for the emoji ID.

After getting the emoji name, the next step is to get the emoji id. Several abbreviations must be included. To get started, you have to make sure that the name of the emoji is followed by and preceded by a semicolon (:emoji-name:).

To use the other shortcode, you can join a semicolon and a hyphen and put them at the start of the emoji-name (:–:emoji-name:) or you could use a slash in the front before enclosing the emoji name within semicolons. (\:emoji-name:)

 Emoji ID Discord

4. Click on the “Submit” button.

Once you’ve entered the correct shortcodes surrounding the emoji name, click on the submit button.

Upon doing so, the emoji code that corresponds to the emoji name you entered will appear in the discussion as soon as the name is entered. At this point, all that is required of you is to click the “send” button, which will cause a picture to be displayed on the screen.

In order to find the code for any emoji recognized by Discord, you can always use this handy tool.

How to get emoji ID Discord without Nitro

1. Start Discord and connect to the server.

To get started, you will need to launch Discord on your own computer.   In addition, you may use Discord in your browser or download the official app, whatever you choose.

Start up Discord on your mobile device. There’s a server you have to log onto called “Ping and Salars.” The Discord server may be accessed by copying and pasting the following link:

When you’re ready, navigate to the emotes section of the channel browser and look for the #mixer-emotes channel.

Many other Discord servers may be found in the mixer-emotes channel. Many emotes may be found in this section as well. Explore the options until you find your preferred option. And connect with the server by clicking the link mentioned right under the server’s name, or the Join button located just to the right of the server’s name.

The moment you connect to the server, you have access to them. You must achieve this by using the emojis’ names. For a list of the various emoji names, just select the link that says “Click Here.”

When you click the link, a new document will pop up with the relevant document. You may access every emoji online by clicking on their respective links in the document. With the emoji IDs, the emoji may be used quickly and efficiently.

In the document, there is the text enclosed within two semicolons (:). Using the same emoji ID, semicolon, and all, you may then press the enter key to send the message. Alternatively, you could just copy and paste the complete code snippet.

You may expect a graphic to be created from the text you typed with semicolons immediately after you hit submit.

3. Recognize the emoji.

You’ll need to know the emoji ID should you wish to utilize an emoji already in use on Discord. By hovering the mouse pointer over the emoji, you can read the emoji ID from the text within semi-colons. That right there is your unique emoji ID.

To find the #bots channel, you’ll need to reconnect to the same server (Ping and Salars). To find the desired emoji in the Bot channel, just use the command “-search emoji id,” where you should replace “emoji id” with the actual emoji id.

At this point, EmoteBot will look for the original server and give you the invite URL. The connection to the server may be established quickly and simply using the provided URL. When you join the server, you’ll have instant access to the emoji for usage everywhere in Discord.


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Q1. Can I download emojis from Discord?

If you want to use the Discord emojis in your chats, launch Discord in your preferred web browser. After that, go to the server you’ll be retrieving the emoji from, navigate to the emoji folder, and choose the emoji you wish to download. Next, right-click the emoji picture to bring up the “Save as” menu, which you can use to download the emoji to your computer.

Q2. How do you get emojis on Discord with ID?

It is necessary to get the specific ID of a unique emoji before sending it. This may be accessed by sending the emote on Discord with a backslash in front of it, thereby “escaping” the emoji.

If you copy and paste this unique text into a message, the bot will automatically send the corresponding emoji. To use an emoji, though, the emoji should be associated with the server that the bot belongs to.

Final Words

Emojis are now commonly used in texting and other forms of online communication, and even in mainstream culture. Using animated emojis in Discord makes it easier to convey yourself and improves interactions with others. That being said, we do hope that this post was able to provide you with some of the information you were seeking.

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