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How to Add Someone without it Saying ‘Added by Search’ on Snapchat

Snapchat has a lot of ways in which you can add someone to

Ankit 6 Min Read

If you Block someone on WhatsApp can they see Old Messages

WhatsApp offers a blocking feature, which is probably a strong restriction that

Ankit 6 Min Read

How to know if Someone Muted you on WhatsApp (Status & Chat)

WhatsApp sports a lot of privacy and security features for its users.

Ankit 9 Min Read

If You Search Someone on Facebook Will They Know

Facebook allows users to search for other people using their name, location,

Ankit 4 Min Read

Your Call Cannot Be Completed At This Time – [15 Fixes to Try]

Have you ever tried to make a phone call, only to hear

Ankit 14 Min Read