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If you pin someone as BFF on Snapchat does it tell them?

Snapchat let users pin any of their friends as No.1 BFF❤️ with its

Ankit 7 Min Read

Is Paramount Plus Free with Spectrum, Hulu? (Check Eligiblity)

With the beginning of year 2024 there's been a noticeable shift in

Ankit 8 Min Read

Fix: Spotify Offline not working on Apple Watch

Spotify Premium is the paid version offered by the popular music streaming

Ankit 17 Min Read

Fix: Instagram Two-Factor Authentication not Working (2FA)

Two-factor authentication is used as an extra layer of protection for their

Ankit 10 Min Read

(6 Ways) Fix: Tinder Age Verification not Working

Different regions impose different sets of rules for a company or app

Ankit 8 Min Read