Fix: ‘Snapchat Not Compatible with this Device’

Snapchat is among the most popular social media apps used by people to chat, share, and upload pictures. It comes with distinct photo filters that have long been an attraction for most people.

However, an unwelcome error stating that Snapchat is not compatible with your device can pop up at times. This can cause unwanted obstruction in the functioning, not letting you log in and engage in your usual activities. 

But do not worry! There are several reasons behind this problem and all with a potential solution. If you are facing this issue, read with us and learn how to fix it and once again use Snapchat smoothly. 

Why does Snapchat say, “Your Device Isn’t Compatible with This Version?”

Short Answer: The error “Your Device Isn’t Compatible with This Version” can occur because of the device’s hardware or software problems, App Store/Play Store issues, or due to the outdated Snapchat version. 

Pop-up showing Snapchat error

There are primarily two reasons behind this error, namely:

1. Hardware and software requirements

One of the primary reasons for this error to pop up is when the device being used lacks the appropriate software and hardware requirements needed by Snapchat to function smoothly. 

2. Outdated app version

The incompatibility error might arise if you are not working on Snapchat’s latest version. 

Now let us look at the solutions for both these possibilities obstructing Snapchat usage. We propose a list of potential solutions which you can try out one by one, based on the reason behind the error. 

3. Device-related problems

A problem with your device can also lead you to an error of Snapchat not installing on your phone.

4. App Store/Play Store problem

Lastly, an App Store or Play Store-related glitch might be causing this issue, such as an update or corrupted cache.

Fix: Snapchat is not compatible with my device

With an understanding of the key reasons behind the error “Your Device Isn’t Compatible with This Version,” let us now look at different ways to fix the problem. 

Method 1: Update the device operating system

The error might appear when your device is not working on the latest operating system. It is integral to keep the device operating system updated to ensure a smooth function of all applications.

This method is most likely to fix your problem of Snapchat application incompatibility. Follow these steps to update your device:

  • Step 1: Go to Settings and look for available system updates
  • Step 2: If there is an update pending, follow the instructions on the screen to update your device
  • Step 3: Check again if the app is working now.

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Method 2: Restart your device

Once you are done updating the operating system, you must also restart your device to rule out any glitch with the device that might be causing this issue.

Once the device restarts, the updated operating system will begin functioning properly and it will also rule out any glitches with the device. Restart your device and now check if you can install the Snapchat application or not.

Method 3: Try using the previous app version

If you cannot update the operating system on your device, then another option is to use the previous app version which might be compatible with the current operating system.

While you might be unable to make use of the new features, it will still allow you to use the application. To do this, go to a third-party app store such as APKMirror and navigate to the older Snapchat versions.

Keep in mind that it will require you to enable ‘unknown sources’. To do this, go to Settings>Security>Unknown sources and turn on the option. 

Method 4: Check updates for Play Store

Besides a problem with the application version and operating system updates, there can be issues with the Play Store version running on your device. Play Store is updated by itself, but you must check for the updates once.

  • Step 1: Open Googe Play Store
  • Step 2: Select profile on the top right section
  • Step 3: Select Settings and go to About
  • Step 4: Tap on the Play Store version

Wait for the update to install automatically.

Method 5: Clear Play Store cache

Besides this, you must also clear the cache of these applications to ensure that no corrupted data is restricting their functioning. Follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Go to Settings
  • Step 2: Open Apps & Notifications
  • Step 3: Navigate to the Googe Play Store
  • Step 4: Click on Storage and press Clear cache
  • Step 5: Click on Clear Data

Method 6: Force close Play Store

The problem might simply be with your Play Store application. Come back to the home screen and delete this application from your recent apps.

Now re-open the application again and try downloading Snapchat to see if it can be downloaded now.

Method 7: Connect with Snapchat customer support

In case none of this works out to fix the error, you must connect with Snapchat support to fix the problem. Raise a query and wait for them to address it.

They can fix the problem, if the issue is with the application, or guide you to follow the necessary steps to solve the issue.

In any case, contacting Snapchat support can be helpful for all issues, such as Snapchat temporarily disabled or issues with the application’s functioning. 


Summing Up

These methods will help you fix the error and once again enable you to use the application like before.

Try the aforementioned methods one by one, and you will most likely have the error “Your Device Isn’t Compatible with This Version,” fixed by the time you reach the end of the list. 

Keep these methods handy, just in case the error occurs again with the coming in of a new operating system or Snapchat update. 

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