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Snapchat Message Notification, But No Message

Ever wondered what it means when you get a notification from Snapchat, but no message? It's a bit confusing because

Arvind Rueben 9 Min Read

How To Make Someone Your #1 Best Friend On Snapchat Quickly

If you're new on Snapchat, you might be asking yourself “How to make someone your #1 best friend on Snapchat

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Does Snapchat Live Location Update even When Not on App

Snapchat is as popular as it's ever been, and it doesn't look like slowing down anytime soon. They have a

Arvind Rueben 9 Min Read

How To Turn On Time Sensitive Notifications On Snapchat

Regular Snapchat users know how important it is to keep up with daily notifications. You have streaks to maintain, friends

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If you have Snapchat Plus, Can you See who Views your Location?

Have you ever wondered who has been checking out your Snapchat location and profile? Well, the answer lies in this

Naima Zubair 4 Min Read