Shocking: YouTube User Charged for Both Premium and Red Services

In a shocking revelation, Reddit user Colley619 recently discovered that they have been double-billed for both YouTube Premium and YouTube Red.

The discovery has sparked a discussion on the r/youtube subreddit, where users are trying to understand how this could happen and what the difference between the two services is.

Colley619, the original poster, revealed that they have been paying for YouTube Red since May 2017. However, the double billing for both services began in February of the current year.

This raises questions about whether YouTube Red, which was rebranded as YouTube Premium in 2018, was being billed at a lower rate or if it was a billing error on YouTube’s part.

I just found out I’m being billed for BOTH YouTube Premium and YouTube Red. What is the difference?
byu/Colley619 inyoutube

Members of the subreddit expressed their shock and confusion about the situation. Some users questioned how such a billing error could occur, comparing it to situations where they were billed for discontinued services like Zune Pass and AOL. Others suggested seeking a refund for the months erroneously charged.

Some users even humorously commented on the situation, with one user jokingly suggesting a lawsuit against YouTube, while another commented that YouTube Red sounds “kinkier.”

Colley619 mentioned that they had contacted both Google and Apple for assistance in resolving the issue. However, Apple indicated they could only refund the past two months, leaving the Reddit user frustrated and seeking further resolution.

The discovery has also raised concerns about the transparency of billing practices and the need for clearer communication between users and subscription services. Many members of the subreddit urged the original poster to take legal action or consider small claims court to seek a resolution.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of carefully reviewing monthly statements and subscriptions to avoid overcharges and billing errors, especially in an age where digital subscriptions are increasingly prevalent.

As Colley619 continues their efforts to resolve the issue, the story highlights the need for greater transparency and accountability in subscription services to protect consumers from unexpected billing errors.

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