Download Youtube Vanced IOS Apk 2021

YouTube Vanced is the modded version of the official YouTube app. Now, one of the major highlights of YouTube Vanced is that it comes with an inbuilt ad-blocker. This means you no longer need to watch any ads within the videos. Also, it removes all in-videos ads, ad banners in the UI, and more. So, you can download and install YouTube Vanced and watch ad-free videos.

In case you do not know, YouTube Vanced is developed by the members of XDA. So, you can safely go with this app. Also, it is completely free and legal. Now, to install the app you can simply visit the YouTube Vanced official website, scroll down to the download button. Here you can see multiple download options for rooted and non-rooted devices.

Just select the proper category of your device and download the apk. Finally, open the file and click on install. In this way, you can install YouTube Vanced on your Android devices. But in the case of iOS devices, the above method or apk fails. So, here is the method with which you can download and install YouTube Vanced correctly.

Download Youtube Vanced IOS Apk

How to download YouTube Vanced for iOS:

First, apk stands for Android Application Package. So, apk works only for Android devices. On the other hand, an app is compatible with all types of operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. Although there are some customizations and modifications made depending on the OS.

So, this below method provides you with an apk file only which is made for iOS devices. In other words, this apk file is a modified version that is iOS compatible. With that being covered, let us begin.

To start with, click on the link given below and download the file. The file is very lightweight and to be precise around 10 MB. So, it should hardly take a minute and you can see that the file is downloaded. After that, open the file in the download section and click on install. If you cannot open the file, then install any third-party file manager and try again. You can install Files by Google and then open the file.

Finally, in a few moments, you have successfully installed the app on your iOS device. So, now you are all set to open the app and start using it. After you open the app, you can notice that the interface may be little altered and this is because Vanced version is primarily made for Android.

Download Youtube Vanced iOS Apk

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In summary, YouTube Vanced has many other features as well apart from ad-blocker. Some of these include background playback, toggled themes, preferred speed, and resolution, etc. Alternatively, you can install YouTube++ (only for iOS users) but at the cost of lesser features. Either way, share this with your friends who have been looking for an iOS version of YouTube Vanced.

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