Working YTS proxy sites 2021: Unblock YTS

Torrent sites are always the best option when you want to download any movie. In fact, not just movies, torrent sites have other files as well. These include software, apps, music, and more. Also, on torrent sites, there are many servers available. One of the torrent server sites is YTS. In YTS, you can search for the latest releases, movies, and a lot more. Eventually, you can either stream online or download to watch later. Well, most of you may know this already.

But recently, we have seen that the government has blocked some torrent sites like YTS. This can be due to violation of rules or copyright strikes from other sources. For instance, you can find and download any Amazon original series on the same day for free. On the other hand, to watch the same on the official Prime Video app, you need to pay the premium. In such cases, Amazon may file a copyright license and thereby block the torrent site.

Consequently, many questions may arise in your mind. Is it safe and legal to download or watch from YTS sites? What are the proxy sites and mirror link? Along with this, you may also want to know about the latest working sites and unblock the previous sites. To sum everything up, here is the article with all such questions answered effectively. With that said, let’s begin.

What are proxy sites and mirror links?

In the first place, you need to know about the proxy sites and mirror links. Most of the users may not know what these terms actually mean. So, such users may fall into the misconceptions of piracy and other illegal activities. For those, a proxy server or website is the gateway between the actual website and end-user. For instance, if you want a rent house in a city, then you may consult a broker who lists all the vacant houses in that locality. As per your choice, you can decide.

In the above example, the broker acts as a proxy person for the owner to find the person for their house. On the other hand, a person looking for a house finds the best option as per the preferences. With an analogy to this example, you can replace the house with any file. It can be audio, video, photo, document, or anything else. Thus, a proxy site is a place from where you can find the origin of any file. Similarly, mirror or magnet links will land you on the file directly.

Best YTS Proxy & Mirror Sites List of 2021:

Now that you got a fair idea about the proxy sites, here is the updated list for YTS proxy and mirror sites. Also, we have looked for all the major sites and thereby included the latest and working sites in this list. Besides that, here is a note. At the time of writing and publishing this article, all the YTS proxy and mirror sites were working. In case you find any site not working, then either it is blocked by the government or not available. Hence, you can look for other options in this list or check for an updated list. On that note, here is the list.


As you have noticed in the above list, there are some sites with double ‘s’ in the word YTS. It is intentional. In the same way, make sure to browse only for the working proxy sites. Otherwise, you may end up getting into the truckload of ads, pop-ups, with no actual files to download or watch.

How to block ads on these proxy sites?

On the note of ads, here is how to block them. But before that, ads act as the pathway to generate revenue for any blogger. So, you should consider allowing these ads and support the creator. At the same time, it is not acceptable when there are way too many of them. To make it worse, some proxy sites even push vulgar ads and notifications. So, you can block these ads with the help of extensions. Some of the popular options are,

  • Ad Blocker
  • Adblock plus
  • Ad lock
  • Ad Guard
  • Ublock Origin
  • AdBlocker Ultimate

Apart from adding extensions, you can download and use the different desktop browser altogether. These days, browsers come with in-built ad blockers such as Brave and Opera browser. To some extent, the Microsoft Edge browser also blocks ads and pop-ups.

How to unblock YTS Proxy sites?

Moving on, some may be looking at how to unblock these blocked YTS proxy sites. There can be two reasons for this. First, you do not want to search for any other proxy site. Secondly, you may have noticed that these current proxy sites do not have your favourite titles. For any reason, you can unblock the YTS proxy sites. To do this, you will need a VPN.

In case you do not know, VPN, or known as Virtual Private Network, will let you connect to any IP address, web server, and site from your place. For instance, you can access US-only sites, shows, and apps from India with the help of a VPN. The other way round, you can also access proxy sites blocked in India by connecting to any other region. Among all the options, we suggest Express VPN. It offers the most number of IP addresses, web servers, and regions support. For a budget-friendly option, you can look out at Surfshark VPN.

Is it safe and legal to use YTS Proxy Sites?

Finally, here comes the ultimate question. Is it safe and legal to use YTS proxy sites? In simples words, yes it is. You can use any YTS proxy site without worrying about safety and law. Although, it comes with a small asterisk(*). The sites are safe and legal. But you need to look and verify the same about the files you want to download. In some cases, a wrong file may install any malware or virus on your device. To avoid this, you can prefer only the above-mentioned proxy sites.


To conclude, these were some of the most asked questions and queries regarding YTS and its proxy sites. Not to mention, we have covered a dedicated article on listing 35 alternatives to 123Movies. So, if you are looking for YTS alternatives, then you can check that article here. The same list should serve as an alternative to these torrent sites as well. On that note, consider sharing this article with your friends as well. Alongside, we suggest you bookmark this site for further reference.