Working Torlock Proxy sites 2021: Unblock Torlock

Nowadays, everyone knows about torrent sites. Most of the users prefer torrent sites instead of official sources. For those who do not know, torrent sites are the server and client-based services through which one can download almost anything for free. Most of them use it to download the latest movies and web series. One of the best sites, in this case, is Torlock.

Firstly, Torlock is a group of proxy sites and mirror links where you can access and download thousands of movies and TV series for free. Many users who already have the official membership of any streaming platform prefer torrent sites like Torlock. It is because these sites provide fast service and download support.

Well, it is not always illegal or unethical to download any file from Torlock. But in some cases, it is considered illegal or piracy activity. You might think to which extent is this law valid? In this article, we have answered some other queries related to Torlock proxy sites. Make sure to read the article till the very end to get a clear idea about Torlock. Now, let’s begin.

What are Proxy Sites and Mirror Links?

As mentioned earlier, Torlock is the list of proxy sites and mirror links. You might think that what do they mean? A proxy website or web server is the bridge between the source file and the user. If you are looking for any file on the internet, then these proxy servers will help you get that file source. As a result, you can download the file from the respective location. Here these files mostly are the latest movies, web series, shows, etc.

Alternatively, you can consider the example of navigation with the help of Google Maps. Lets’ say that you want the directions to reach place X. But the problem is that you do not know the exact navigation. In such cases, you can take the help of the Google Maps service and navigate with ease. Here, the Maps Service by Google acts as a proxy site or server. Although this example is blunt, it should give a fair idea to any user out there.

Best Torlock Proxy & Mirror Sites List of 2021:

Hopefully, you got a fair idea about the working of any proxy website or web server. In reality, there is more to it. But this simple understanding is more than enough. After that, here is the list of the latest and updated Torlock proxy and mirror links. The owners of Torlock refresh their proxy sites very often. So, we have tried to provide the best working Torlock proxy sites as of 2021. 


Also, here is a quick note. We have checked and confirmed that all the Torlock proxy sites in the above list are working. It is at the moment of writing and publishing this article. In case you find any proxy site not available or working in future, then that might be blocked. To fix that, you can check out the other options in the list or check out the alternatives to Torlock in the forthcoming parts of this article. 

Is it safe to use Torlock proxy sites?

The ultimate question for any torrent proxy sites like Torlock is about its safety. Many users doubt and have a question in their mind that is it safe to use torrent sites. The short answer is YES. But, it is complicated. The web browser shows the safety of any website that you visit. At the top, you can see the lock icon to the left side of the URL. If this lock is closed, then it implies that the website is secure and safe to use. In case it is open, then the browser will automatically show the lock open.

Well, this lock icon is just half the story. Some sites may also redirect you constantly to some other website whenever you click on anything. A couple of redirects is acceptable. But if any website comes with a truckload of pop-ups and notifications, then there is something fishy. So, make sure to note these couple of points before you visit any torrent proxy sites or any website in that case. To be on the safe side, browse only the above-mentioned Torlock proxy sites.

Is it Illegal to use Torlock proxy sites?

Furthermore, there are some misconceptions about the law of these torrent proxy sites. First of all, a torrent proxy site is not illegal. As per any laws, you can pay for the domain name and present your website on the internet. But the problem arises with the files. Most movies, series, and shows that you download from these torrent proxy sites are copyrighted. Because streaming platform or television network buys the rights and publish it in their channels and apps. So, when you download the same thing for free from these proxy sites, it is illegal. It is the reason why many torrent sites are blocked in our country by the Government.

How to unblock proxy sites?

The simple answer to this question is VPN. You can use any VPN on the internet, connect to a different country with a different IP address and server, and access these blocked websites. If you search on the web, then many options available. Among all these, we prefer you use Express VPN. It is one of the best VPNs with the most IP address, region support, and web server. You can opt for the annual plan, where the monthly cost is around $7. For less expensive options, you can prefer Surfshark VPN. Expect a slight decrease in the above figures.

How to block ads on these proxy sites?

To block ads on any website, you can use an ad blocker chrome extension on your browser. In case you do not know, most of the browsers nowadays are built on Chromium. So, they do support the chrome extensions. Some of the popular extensions are as follows:

  • Adblocker
  • Adblock plus
  • Ublock origin
  • Ad Guard
  • Ad lock
  • Ghostery

Alongside, you can also use Brave, Opera, or Microsoft Edge browser instead of Google Chrome. They are not only built on Chromium but also provide an inbuilt adblocker system.


Therefore, these were some of the questions and doubts concerning the Torlock proxy sites. You may be looking for alternatives options in this article. But, we have earlier covered the article with 35 similar sites like 123Movies. You can check that here. It should hold for the Torlock as well. Hopefully, we tried to clear all your misconceptions and doubts with this article. If so, then consider sharing this article with your friends as well.