30+ Working Putlocker Proxy Sites in 2021 : Unblock Putlocker Mirror sites

Today, in this post we will be discussing how to unlock Putlocker.com website. We will also be listing some working Putlocker Proxy sites. We will also be guiding you on how you can use Putlocker mirror Sites without ads in 2021.

Putlocker.com was a website launched back in 2011 from United kingdom. It was renowned for downloading and streaming movies for free. Soon after its launch it became quite popular and had traffic in millions. However, as it is illegal to provided copyrighted movies, so it was banned by the government of UK in 2016.

However, due to the immense popularity of Putlocker, its proxy and mirror site were created immedialtely after the ban of the main domain. Today, Putlocker website have dozens of working websites to download and stream movies and TV shows for free.

Proxy Putlockers sites :

As mentioned above, Putlocker was blocked by the government for providing illegal/ copyrighted material in 2016. So, when is was shut down, its mirror site or you can say putlocker similar site were created in huge number.

Even today there are dozens of putlocker mirror websites on the internet which provide free movie to download and stream. Well, a mirror or proxy site is working or not depends upon you location and your IP.

Certain IPs are blocked in some regions while others are blocked in other regions by theire respective governments. So, you need to visit a few proxy site and find which one is working for you. Below we have listed more then 30 Puttlocker working proxy websites.

orking Putlocker Proxy Sites in 2021 : Unblock Putlocker Mirror sites

25+ List of Working Mirror Proxy sites of Putlocker:

  1. Putlockers.net
  2. Putlockerr.is
  3. Putlockers.fm
  4. Putlockerz.io
  5. 123putlocker.com
  6. Putlockerhd.is
  7. Putlocker.io
  8. Putlockers.sc
  9. Putlockerfree.net
  10. Putlockers.am
  11. Putlockers.tf
  12. Putlocker9.as
  13. Theputlocker9.com
  14. Theputlockerhub.me
  15. Putlocker.fyi
  16. Putlocker.fyi
  17. Putlockerstoworld.com
  18. Putlockertv.to
  19. Putlocker-m.net
  20. Unblockall.org
  21. Putlockertv.to
  22. Putlockers.mn
  23. Putlockerhd.is
  24. Putlockersfm.com
  25. Putlockersonline.co
  26. 123putlocker.io
  27. ttp://putlockertv.ist/
  28. http://www3.putlockerz.io/
  29. https://w2.putlockers.co/
  30. http://ww1.0123putlocker.com/
  31. http://www1.putlocker-m.net/
  32. http://putlockerfree.net/
  33. http://www6.putlockers.am/
  34. http://www2.putlockers.mn/
  35. http://www7.putlockers.fm/

Why use Putlocker website:

There are tons of torrent website to download movies and TV shows for free. But why Putlocker is so popular? Putlocker is popular because it has a vast amount of movies and TV Shows. Other features why it is famous are listed below:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Large Movie Collection
  • High Streaming speed
  • Low buffering
  • Defined categories

How to Unblock Putlocker website:

In case a particular proxy website of Putlocker is not working then you need to try out other proxy sites listed above.

If nothing is working for you then you need to use a VPN and try loading any proxy website of Putlocker. So, below we have listed 3 ways to Unblock Putlocker website in 2021:

  • Use a VPN to Unblock Putlocker:

You can use any VPN, it can either free or paid. However, we would recommend that should you a paid VPN services as it will offer best internet speed and protect your security and privacy.


  • Unblock via Tor Browser:

Tor is a free open source browser that is used when you want to hide your online identity. It is a VPN by deafult, so you can visit any blocked website by using Tor browser. It will hide your IP address and will let you access the blocked website.

How to Unblock Putlocker website

  • Use Online Proxy websites:

There are many website that itself are proxy site and they work like a search engine. So, when you open any such website and enter the website name you want to visit, it just open it without further do. Below are some of the popular proxy sites you can use to visit putlocker website in 2021 :

is Putlocker safe to use?

Visting and using these proxy site can a bit dangerous. These sites runs dozens of Ads on their website those include pop-up ads, malicous ads, etc.

So, some ads may get to known your details and your date may be leaked.

However, you can always use Adblockers while visting these sites, Below we have listed a few adblocker you can install on browser while visiting these type of proxy and torrent websites

How to block ads on Putlocker website

To block ads on Putblock website, you need to download and install a adblocker extension on your chrome browser. Below are a few best adblockers:

  • uBlock Origin
  • Adblock Plus
  • Ghostery
  •  AdGuard
  • AdBlocker Ultimate

So, these are some of the best adblocker extension available for Chrome browser. All these are free and can be easily installed and used to block ads on websites.

is it illegal to Download Movies from Putlocker Proxy sites?

Yes, actually it is illegal to download copyrighted material for free. It not only illegal to download movies from Putlocker but from any torrent website. In many countries there are strict laws over piracy of content and that’s why most of the IPs of such torrent website are blocked by the government.

Putlocker Alternavtives :

So, in case Putlocker is now working for you, here are some of its Alternatives:

  • Lime Torrent
  • YTS Movies
  • SolarMovie
  • MovieRulz 
  • 123Movies

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So, all these website listed above as alternatives of Putlocker are kind of torrent website. All of these are similar in terms of interface and features. From the website you can download movies,TV shows for free. Again, Some of the site might not work in work region. So we need to find a perfect website by using a number of torrent site that works best in your region.

Final Words: Putlocker mirror and Proxy sites:

So, that’s all for Proxy sites for Putlocker. So, you can use a proxy website to download and watch your favourite movies and TV shows. But, do not let your data under risk by visiting such torrent sites.Better use legit and paid apps and services to download and watch movies.


Legal Disclamier:

Androidnature is not connected to Putlocker or any other torrent website in any way. We don’t promote piracy and not recommend you to use torrent sites to download and stream movies. This article is just for educational purpose.