Working Movierulz proxy sites 2021: Unblock Movierulz 2021

Everyone is fond of movies. In the free time, most of us prefer to watch the latest release. Technically, new releases hit the theatres every week. But we can’t watch everything in the theatres. There may be multiple reasons to justify this fact. That aside, we have seen that OTT platforms emerging in recent times. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar are some notable names. But we can see that there is a problem with this as well. We need to pay for every platform. Well, Movierulz emerges as a sweet spot to answer all these platforms.

Working Movierulz proxy sites 2021

The moment we hear about Movierulz, we connect it with illegal activity or unethical means of downloading movies. But, there is more to it. Also, it is not 100% correct that we associate Movierulz with such terms. Also, there are many misconceptions regarding this as well. Apart from that, some may even not know how to use and where to access it. In this article, we have tried to answer all the frequently asked questions related to Movierulz. On that note, let’s get started.

What are Movierulz Mirror or Proxy Sites?

First, let us understand the terms of Movierulz Mirror and Proxy Sites. A proxy site is a website that bypasses the violation and restriction imposed by any particular region committee. Also, these sites depend and vary from region to region from any specific location. Some websites may work in India, while the same may be blocked or violated in a different location. As you know, the Government has recently banned a list of websites under the Jio network. Well, you know the names.

But the problem is it is not enough. There are a ton of other options with a similar domain name. As a reference, if we assume that blocked for violating any rules in India, then there may emerge any site under the name www.example.xyzz or www. So, you get the idea. It looks the same. Similar is the case with such Movierulz Proxy Sites. Also, mirror links are those links that redirect you to the source file so that you can download it directly.

Best Movierulz Proxy & Mirror Sites List of 2021:

As mentioned above, there will be no vacancy in the list of Movierulz proxy and mirror sites. Also, the owners of the domain have issued a whole new set such mirror sites. So, we have tried to include the latest and updated set of links in this article. Before we begin with the list, here is a small note. At the time of writing this article, all of the below-mentioned sites are working. If you are referring to this in the future, then it may be possible that some may not work. Thus, make sure to check for it. We do not authorise, own or guarantee the working of these sites in the list. With that covered, here goes the list of the best Movierulz proxy sites. 

  8. www.movierulz. ms

In the above list, we have tried to include the best options. Also, on these sites, you will get the best possible speeds to download the movie. As a result, you can browse any website from the list and search for your favourite movie. 

Working Movierulz proxy sites 2021

How to Unblock Movierulz Proxy sites:

In the list above, we have included around 18 Movierulz proxy sites. But, some may still fall short of sources. In such cases, the only option is to look for the blocked proxy sites. And the problem is these blocked in our country. In that case, you can use a VPN and access these sites through a different region server. In case you do not know, VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, is a tool through which you can connect to another server and IP address through being at the same place.

There are many options in VPN, both paid and free. But we do not recommend free VPN options. These are either limited in features or are prone to any virus attacks, data breaches, etc. So, to know about the best-paid VPN options, you can go with Express VPN. It offers the most number of IP addresses, web servers, regions support in the market. Also, its annual plan will cost you less than $7 per month. For a budget-friendly option, you can prefer Surfshark VPN. It starts at around $3 per month for a two-year plan.

Movierulz alternatives:

If you do not want to pay or have sufficient knowledge about VPNs, then the only alternative is to search for Movierulz alternatives. These sites may not offer the same amount of titles under one roof but should do the job. Also, some of the websites in this list are way better than Movierulz proxy sites. We have seen that some proxy sites come up with vulgar ads, pop-ups, and targeted links. These not only create a not-so-good impression but also may affect your device. 

On the note of sites, 123movies is one of the closest options. But we came to know that it is no longer working. For this, we have made a dedicated article on 35 similar sites like 123movies. So, the same list of websites should go for Movierulz alternatives as well. Click here to get the complete list.

Is it safe and legal to use Movierulz Proxy sites?

It is the most common question that comes to everybody’s mind. Whenever we hear about Movierulz, we treat it as an illegal or unsafe activity. But in reality, not all the sites are the same. The official sites from Movierulz do not contain any misleading ads or information. They focus on providing the latest sources of links to their users. That said, using blocked proxy sites is definitely on the part of illegal activity. So, it is up to you whether you want to use such sites or not. As per the government norms, you may even get punished if caught during such activity. Thus, a risk factor is involved.

How to block ads on Movierulz?

To block ads on any sites, you can use the ad-blockers from the Chrome Web Store. Adblocker and adblocker plus are a couple of popular options. But some websites may seem broken or even not work in the presence of an ad blocker. In such circumstances, you need to whitelist such sites and then access the content.

Final Words: 

Long story short, Movierulz proxy sites have termed the piracy activity. But in recent times, this has reduced drastically. One of the reasons is the emergence of OTT platforms. They not only provide the producer with some capital to add up for his movie collections but also the viewer to watch any title legally. Thus, we hope that this article cleared a lot of misconceptions and questions regarding the Movierulz. If so, then consider sharing it with your friends and other colleagues.