Working Limetorrents Proxy Sites 2021: Unblock Limetorrents

Movies. We watch it every day. It acts as a stress buster and a perfect companion for any entertaining media to consume in free time. Talking about movies, we get at least one new release every week. You come across a movie poster every week. During these pandemic times, this may not be true. Still, the plethora of movies continues on OTT platforms such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Sun NXT, and Hotstar. Anyways, these platforms require a subscription. These may vary from 49 to 799 INR with the plan and platform. Well, the workaround for this is torrent sites. So, Limetorrents is one of them.

For those who do not know, Limetorrents is the torrent website through which you can download the latest movies for free. Not just that, these websites also provide a library of web series, original shows, and other TV programs. Also, these are popular among the masses. Torrents links to the web servers through which you can download the file. With streaming platforms and regulations, many of these websites have become a target of copyright and other licenses.

Working Movierulz proxy sites 2021

So with all these, many questions arise among the users. We thought to make a list of these common FAQs and answered them most appropriately. Along with that, we have included the latest list of working proxy sites and mirror links as of 2021. Block ads on these websites, unblock them from anywhere, and a word about its safety and law. In a nutshell, stick around till the end to clear all your confusions and doubts regarding Limetorrents.

What are Limetorrents proxy sites and mirror links?

First things first, you need to have a fair idea about Limetorrents proxy sites. A proxy site is a bridge between the end-user and the webserver. It helps the user to access the files stored on the web servers. At the same time, the web servers and their websites will get the users for interaction. So, it works in both ways. In simpler words, it redirects you to the official site from where you can easily download the required file.

In the same way, mirror links are the tools that provide the downloadable file at one click away. For instance, you can download the file shared by your friends on Google drive with only one link. So, you can link an analogy for these mirror links as well. The only difference is that the cloud storage drive replaced with torrent in this case. Limetorrents and other similar sites are infamous for movies. In reality, these provide access to other files such as software, books, music, and a lot more.

Best Limetorrents Proxy Sites 2021:

Once you have understood the basic concept and working of these sites, here is the next step. We have included the list of the latest and working Limetorrents proxy sites as of 2021. Before we get into the list, keep a note. The list here comprises the working proxy sites at the time of writing and publishing this article. It implies that some sites may not work if you come across this article in the future. So, make sure to try other sites from the list or look for an updated list.

  7. www.lime.unblocked.all

Is it safe to download?

The most important question about these Limetorrents is safety. So, when you think of Limetorrents or any other similar torrent sites, you associate it with unsafe. Also, many users treat it as a piracy activity. For starters, Limetorrents is safe to use. Also, no need to worry about any virus, malware, etc. The only thing is that you may get some ads and pop-ups. Well, there is more to it.

As mentioned earlier, they provide mirror links to the web servers from where you can download the file. In that case, it may be possible that these web servers or host websites may be unsafe to use. Ultimately, you may end up getting into trouble. Also, for such cases, users assume that these are errors of Limetorrents. In reality, it is different. In short, you need to cross-check the web servers before downloading the file. If possible, try to access the links only from the above proxy sites.

Is it legal to use?

Similarly, they are also infamous for stating as illegal. The short to this is you never know. The best way to check the law about any Limetorrents proxy site is its availability in your region. If you can access any website in India, either it is legal to use or no violations yet. In either case, you can bookmark it and use it to get the torrent files.

How to unblock Limetorrents proxy sites?

From the above statement, it is clear that some of the sites blocked by the Government. It may be because that the particular website has violated the rules stated by the Government. In some cases, it may also become the victim of the copyright laws and licenses. So, to unblock such sites, you can use a VPN. To keep it short, VPN is a virtual network tool through which you can access and connect to servers anywhere. You can also change your IP address, region, and more.

The moment you search on Google for the best VPNs, you get a ton of results along with sponsored messages and ads. But our pick is Express VPN. It has the vast availability of IP address, regions, servers, and more. Also, for a year plan, you can get it for less than $7 a month. On the budget side, you can try Surfshark VPN that starts only at $2 per month in a two-year plan with a similar set of features and all.

How to block ads on these websites?

Ads serve the purpose to generate revenue on any website. So, every reader should support it. At the same time, too many ads and adult ads are not at all acceptable. Sadly, this is the case with some of the proxy sites. To overcome such issues, you can always use any Adblocker extension on your browser. Some of the popular options are: 

  • Adblocker
  • Adblock plus
  • Adblock Ultimate
  • Ad Guard
  • Ghostery
  • Ad lock
  • ublock origin

On a side note, you can use browsers that come with an inbuilt adblocker. Opera and Brave browsers are a couple of the best options available. 


To sum up, Limetorrents is still one of the best ways to download movies for free. But the only caveat is you need to keep a note of few things. Choosing appropriate website, blocking ads, identifying false and illegal host servers, etc. So, with this article, you might have got a fair idea about these sites. On a side note, check the similar article on Movietorrents and Solar Movies. Lastly, click here for alternative options to download free movies.