Vivo phones Gcam (Google Camera) Download

Vivo has dominated the market with a diverse range of smartphones. With a phone in almost every price segment, Vivo has targeted the masses. Apart from establishing a name in the market, Vivo has also executed plenty of strategies that have turned into the company’s favor.

The world of smartphones has taken a makeshift. The blueprint has been revamped to meet the requirements of every user. The modern smartphone has improved cameras, higher processing speed, sturdier build, and refined display quality.

Vivo has made enhancements in every aspect over the years to maintain a stronghold over its position. Vivo has stayed loyal to the field of camera-centric smartphones. The company is known to provide prodigious cameras to all of its smartphones. Keeping up with the trend, Vivo has also implemented setups that feature multiple sensors.

Vivo devices Gcam

Every sensor has a role to play. However, the potential of these sensors is often squandered. The Vivo stock camera application does a decent job but remains defeated by the reckless Google Camera. Gcam is a camera application developed by Google exclusively for Android.

Gcam introduces a splash of features propelling the camera sensor to its full capabilities. Google Camera is also famous for its extraordinary post-processing that does justice to the hardware setup. Gcam is the stock application of the Pixel line-up. The man behind the curtains is Marv Levoy, a gentleman who is responsible for the incredible success of the extraordinary Pixel camera.

Unfortunately, Gcam is not available for every Android device. It is exclusive for the Pixel devices. This might be disheartening for many technology enthusiasts. However, Gcam can be downloaded on Vivo devices. Gcam will function on any device with Camera 2 API enabled. A majority of the modern Vivo devices come with Camera 2 API enabled.

Gcam features:

  • Night Sight
  • Portrait mode, lens blur, Panorama mode.
  • HDR and HDR+ enhanced options.
  • Slow-motion capabilities
  • Dual exposure and raw photos
  • Auto-detection of low-light
  • Super-resolution zoom
  • Smart Burst
  • Motion Photos

Vivo phones Gcam

Vivo phones Gcam

Vivo Phones Gcam download:


Gcam is a tune-in that has become a necessity in every modern-day smartphone. It is a significant upgrade over the stock camera application introducing a whole lot of features. It offers great flexibility, versatility, and a well-balanced user interface.