Users sign Petition for YouTube comment dislikes to be visible to the public

YouTube, as we all know, is the largest video search engine in the world. Be it learning any new skill, recipe, technique, or just for the sake of entertainment, YouTube has everything covered for you. The library of YouTube is crazy big that it is literally endless. No matter whatever you want to search, you will definitely end up getting some sort of results you want.

Now, even the algorithm of YouTube is pretty well-designed. For instance, when you search for any topic then the app shows you the videos in a specific order. Sometimes it goes with the keywords, views, upload date, and more. All in all, this surely makes your search effective and easy.

But there are some issues with this giant platform as well. Recently, we came across a petition filed on regarding the comments. So, let’s dip a little deeper into this context and also understand the entire story behind it.

Let us begin with the petition itself. The petition was to enable the dislikes number in YouTube comments as well. In case you do not know, YouTube gives you an option to dislike the comment made. But in turn, it will never disclose the number of dislikes on any comment. So, the aim of this petition is just to make them public.

Starting with the idea, it pretty much makes sense to display the dislike numbers. Now, it is true that we can like or dislike any comment under a YouTube video. But YouTube themselves hide only the number of dislikes it gets. As a result, there is no point in disliking the comment altogether.

The basic idea behind likes and dislikes is that a viewer can get a fair idea of that comment, video, post, or whatever. Also, like or dislike is a sort of self-opinion or feedback on that thing. More 0r less every website or platform has it.

Now, with the number of dislikes, any comment gets we can classify it from other good comments. As many times we see viewers asking to subscribe, like, or visit for no reason. On top of that, some also make false promises or narrate misleading stories. Thus, with these dislikes, you can identify such spams.

On the other hand, some viewers or users have a different side of the story. First, they think that showcasing dislikes implies a sort of disrespect. Thereby, he or she can be trolled for way bigger scale just for any single wrong comment. In this way, some may feel not to share their thoughts or feedback in form of such comments at all.

As rightly said, every coin has two faces. So, the same scenario goes with the entire discussion and petition. Now, this petition was filed on the 14th of January. Make sure to provide your side of the support. If you felt the same in favor of the petition, then you can sign in here.


At the time of writing this article, the petition has got around 57 favoured people leading towards the aim of total 100. So, let’s see if this petition will complete its goal and more importantly how YouTube will react to it. Till then, you can share this article with your friends’ network and also know what they have to say on this matter.