What Does A Unicorn Mean On Tinder (2023)

A person who enters a polyamorous relationship with the intention of engaging in sexual encounters with more than one partner is said to “unicorn.” Unicorn is another term for this type of engagement. To put it another way, the sex unicorn will join a couple in order to engage in threesomes or a triad polyamorous relationship.

The word “unicorn” is commonly used by people since it has the sense of referring to a unique legendary creature. When you stop to think about it, it is quite rare to find a woman who will repeatedly have sex with a couple without searching for a relationship or a commitment, with the exception of a one-time threesome encounter.

Additionally, some women can feel uncomfortable about stepping into the relationship of an already-established couple. Even though we used the term “woman,” a sex unicorn can be of any gender and can have any sexual orientation. However, straight and bisexual couples that are involved in polyamorous relationships find that a bisexual lady is the most desirable unicorn.

What does a 🦄 (Unicorn) mean?

Unicorns are bisexual women who are open to hooking up with straight couples. These are single women who are open to a relationship with a man and a woman.

The emoji with the face of a unicorn exclaims, “Sparkles and magic and rainbows!” It is capable of conveying anything shiny and dazzling, from fashion trends to wacky states of mind.

Additionally, it is used to refer to the unicorn in the LGBT community (a kind of bisexual person)

Within the LGBT community, there is a certain slang connotation that is associated with the word “unicorn.” The term “bisexual lady who sleeps with straight couples” is occasionally used in conjunction with the “unicorn face” emoticon to allude to this type of woman.

People in the homosexual community may use the unicorn emoji to show pride or announce their identity. This may be done by drawing a connection between the emoji’s horn, which is frequently colored rainbow, and the rainbow flag.

To reiterate, though, couples on the hunt for unicorns might have significantly different sexual orientations. People will often communicate their status as a unicorn through the usage of an emoji unicorn rather than introducing themselves as unicorns or defining themselves as such. According to the website Unicornyard, which is devoted to the notion of unicorns, the sign, when employed by a male unicorn, might also signify that he desires a platonic connection before he will engage in sexual intercourse with another guy.

What does 🦄 (Unicorn)mean to a girl?

A bisexual woman who is open to having a three-way relationship with a heterosexual couple is frequently referred to as a “unicorn” among single women.

A female unicorn refers to a bisexual woman who describes her function in a relationship as the person who comes into a partnership either for a threesome or to participate in a triad polyamorous relationship.

She didn’t want to go into a one-on-one relationship with either of them, despite the fact that she would have talks and individual interactions with each of them.

A unicorn likes to go out on dates with both couples at the same time. She will also not want to create a situation in which all three of them were on an equal footing, but she referred to herself as “something additional” in the trio.

You might be wondering; doesn’t it seem a little depressing to only work as an “extra”? However, it is effective for unicorns who detest making long-term commitments but like being in threesomes. The fact that she is free to choose whether or not she wants to spend quality time with the people in question is one of the advantages of the arrangement having no strings attached.

As long as there is open communication and well-defined limits, the trio may function without anybody feeling excluded or harmed in the process.

What does a (Unicorn) mean on Tinder?

On Tinder, a “unicorn” is a single user who is interested in meeting up with other couples for a threesome.

A single user who is interested in dating in groups of three is known as a “unicorn” on online dating sites.

Yes, you will see couples on platforms like Tinder since it enables them to locate individuals with similar interests who are also open to engaging in sexually social activities.

The phrase “unicorn” is likely something you are acquainted with if you are someone who is familiar with the swing lifestyle. The term “unicorn” is frequently used to refer to a bisexual woman who is open to having a threesome relationship with a heterosexual couple.

They have been given this name because of the fact that they are quite similar to the mythical creature in question.

They are not simple to locate, and more significantly, there is a possibility that they do exist as a mirage that will bring your threesome fantasy to life.

What does pineapple mean on tinder?

On Tinder, a relationship status marked with a pineapple emoji indicates that things are complicated.

There are probably a few fruit emojis that spring to mind right away while thinking of love, relationships, and other related topics.

But if you’ve been perplexed as to why individuals are uploading pictures of pineapples on social networking sites, you’re not alone.

The pineapple emoji is illustrated with a leafy crown that is a vibrant shade of green, while the rest of its body is colored in shades of yellow and golden brown.

It may refer to things like fruit and food, as well as travel and hospitality, and on the dating app Tinder, it denotes a person’s relationship status.


Q1- What does a unicorn mean for dating?

An individual who is willing to join an already established couple is known as a unicorn.

They may merely join the couple for the purpose of sexual activity, or they may become a more engaged part of the relationship and also spend time together engaging in activities that are not sexual in nature.

Q2- What does butterfly mean on tinder?

The expression “butterflies in your stomach” can refer to the anxious excitement that comes with a new romantic interest, this emoji can also suggest that you have a crush on someone or that you are falling in love with them.

Final Words

This guide will provide you with all the information you want pertaining to unicorns on Tinder.

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