The Witcher Monster Slayer Apk download

Monster Slayer is the latest gameplay mode in The Witcher series from CD Projekt Red company. Also, we all know that The Witcher Series is so popular among the gamers world. In fact, the very first release was in the year 2007. Ever since then, CD Projekt Red has worked on multiple editions and updates. Now, The Witcher Monster Slayer is its latest release. Also, if you look at the gameplay or trailer video, then you will come to know that it is quite interesting too.

CD Projekt Red has been teasing this new venture in The Witcher for quite some time now. Even the fans from around the world have bumped up their expectations after watching the trailer video. Now, after all the hype and time, The Witcher Monster Slayer is finally out in the market. So, we will provide a stepwise guide on how to download the APK on every Android device. With that out, let’s get started.

The Witcher Monster Slayer APK download:

Before getting to the actual game, let us have an overview of the plot and gameplay. To begin with, The Witcher series is based on a novel under the same name written by Andrzej Sapkowski. It means this book provides the story and plot points to the game. It starts on a fantasy world continent where the witch named Geralt of Riva equips with superpowers. Now, with these powers, this character destroys the monsters and eventually save his world. 

Now, the entire story may seem simple. But, as you proceed further, the developers have equipped with many twists and turns to keep you engaged. With every new version, the graphics, superpower modes, gameplay controls, and more are improved and made better. Also, it is evident to see such changes with such updates and editions. Coming to Monster Slayer, the makers have introduced an AR mode to play and experience the game. 

The Witcher Monster Slayer Apk download

If you do not know, then AR mode games are based on the real-time world. In this games, you use your surroundings as a plot point and explore the gameplay. For reference, Pokemon Go was also one of the first AR-based games. But, in Monster Slayer, you can expect some modifications and changes as per the game theme. Also, you can observe that the graphics and designing of characters are made in such a way that they fit the real-life scenarios.

Enough about the game, the important thing is how to download the game. First, you need to click on the link given below and download the APK file. Do note that this may take some time as the file is large. If required, give your device some time to complete it. Once you downloaded the file, go to the downloads section and install it right away. In case prompted to enable installation from unknown sources, do it in your device settings.


To conclude, it is good news that Monster Slayer has finally launched and it is worth the wait. So, make sure to get your hands on the game and tell us your thoughts. Also, you can comment on how did the gameplay stand on par with your expectations. On a final note, consider sharing this latest news with your friends and gaming squad.