Sling TV free trial (30 days) in 2021

Sling TV is one of the leading television networks in the United States. This entire network of Sling TV is owned and managed by Dish Network. Unlike some of its competitors, Sling TV offers affordable subscription plans. For instance, YouTube TV charges $64.99 per month. On the other hand, Sling TV charges only about $25 to $30 a month for the minimum plan. Even with this plan, they offered over 30 channels. Some popular ones including ESPN, Disney, Comedy Central, Cartoon Network.

Along with this, Sling TV is available in different plans. So, you can choose from various plans based on channels, prices, validity, and interests. Also, it is available on multiple platforms. This implies you can easily download Sling TV on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Fire Stick, Chromecast, and more. In this way, you can easily create a single account and manage everything in sync.

Long story short, Sling TV is the best and affordable option to start with the digital streaming network. Even the same is reflected in their reviews on Google Play Store, App Store and other locations. Well, the one who might have already used this service will agree. But for those new users, it is completely baseless. To make a proper decision, you can opt-out for the free trial plan.

Officially, Sling TV offers only 7 days of the free trial period. But, frankly speaking, these 7 days are way too short. This is why there is a trick with which you can extend this period to 30 days. Also, do note that this trick comes with its own set of limitations. So, let’s get started.

How to get Sling TV 30 days free trial 2021:

First and the foremost thing is that this method may not work for all accounts. So, do check the eligibility for your account. If it is ineligible, then you can try the same method on a different set of credentials. Now, to register any new account, you only need some basic details. These include your First and Last Name, Email address and a strong password. That’s it.

Sling TV free trial (30 days) in 2021

Now, you have understood the above thing and can proceed with the process. To start with, search for it or visit the official website. In case you are on Android or iOS, then you can also install the compatible app. After you open the website or app, you can search for the free trial pop up or highlighted text. Just click on Get Free Trial, and proceed with the further steps.

Lastly, select the suitable plan, add-ons and enter your payment details. Thus, you have successfully enrolled for the selected plan on Sling TV. Now the thing is you need to cancel your subscription at least one day before the plan ends. In this way, you can watch Sling TV for 30 days.


In short, this method surely will deduct the required amount from your money but will refund back in case of cancellation. So, do keep a remainder if you want to cancel, or else you can continue as per your liking. On that note, share this method with your friends and family network who may be looking for a similar way.