Samsung Good Lock APK Plugins Download | Lockstar, Quickstar, Clockface, Wonderland, and more.

Samsung Good Lock is a handy application designed exclusively for Samsung Galaxy devices that introduces tons of customization options. Launched back in 2016, the application allows users to customize themes, colors, and tune-in a variety of features to extract more out of the handset in terms of software. Samsung released a new update to the application that introduced support for Android 10 and Samsung’s signature OneUI 2.0.

Samsung Good Luck runs a variety of functions on the propaganda of modules. There are a total of ten modules that feature their own applications. The Good Lock application can be installed from the Galaxy Store with ease. However, every time an individual wishes to execute a command, the application redirects the user to the download page of one of the modules in the Galaxy Store. This procedure might be frustrating for the user.

As mentioned earlier, the Good Lock application provides numerous features using which an individual can remodel the user interface. To understand the mode of operation in-depth, it is essential to understand the importance of each module. In simple terms, these modules are plug-ins that each has a separate role to play.

What are some of the Samsung Good Luck plugins?

  • Nice Catch: A handy tool, Nice Catch creates a log when the handset rings, wakes up, vibrates, or beeps. The plug-in also enables toast notifications. Notifications appear in mini-bubbles at the bottom of the screen notifying the user in the most subtle manner possible.
  • One-Hand Operation Plus: The trend of owning a compact smartphone has changed. Bigger the screen, the better the visual experience. For such scenarios, the One-Hand Operation Plus plugin has been generated. Using the plugin, an individual can apply a total of six configurable gesture shortcuts making the process of one-hand usage much simpler.
  • Edge Touch: Once a smartphone is slid into the pocket, there are various instances where accidental touches take place. Using this add-on, an individual can eliminate accidental touches to its entirety by configuring various parts of the screen.
  • Sound Assistant: This is a feature that Android users have been longing for ages. Using Sound Assistant, an individual can alter the default volume settings prompting the user to follow commands by setting out protocols. Users can schedule a duration for which the device will slip into silent mode. Furthermore, the plug-in is also capable of launching applications once headphones are plugged into the handset.
  • QuickStar: Offering more than eight themes with various color options for the quick settings menu, this application is one of the most useful tools. Once activated, users can fiddle around with color combinations, themes, font, font color, icon colors, and much more.
  • MultiStar: As the name already suggests, MultiStar offers a multi-window experience to the user. The list of features includes creating a pop-up window by swiping in from the corners, launching the multi-window by long-pressing the Recent Apps option, and establish multi-window support for applications that fail to support the feature.

Samsung Good Lock

Samsung Good Lock

Download Samsung Good Lock plug-ins:

Download Good Lock APK

Download LockStar APK

Download QuickStar APK

Download Task Changer APK

Download Routines APK

Download ClockFace APK

Download MultiStar APK

Download EdgeTouch APK

Download Sound Assistant APK

Download Theme Park APK


The plug-ins offered by Samsung Good Lock can prove to be vital to the user in the long run. Apart from this, it also adds a list of features to the mix that introduces a truckload of customizable options. Downloading each plug-in separately from the Galaxy Store can be annoying when all the plug-ins can be downloaded from a single destination. To download a plug-in, simply tap on the desired plug-in to get redirected to the download page.