Pokemon GO Unova Stone coming for Gen 5 evolutions

Niantic will include tons of new Gen 5 Pokemon in the coming months to the Pokemon Go and to evolve them it seems some evolutionary items may be required. Recently, Pokemon Go announced that Generation 5 Pokemon will make their emtry to the game on September 16.

As we know some Pokemon of Unova region requires evolutionary items like Leaf Stones or Fire Stones to evolve. As these evolutionary items are not available in the Pokemon Go, developers at Niantic developed a substitute solution – the Unova Stone,

Thanks to the renowned data miner, Chrales, who data-mined the recent update files of the game and revealed that a brand new evolution item named as “Unova Stone” will be added soon to the popular mobile game- Pokemon Go.

Presumably, the Unova Stone will likely be used to evolve certain “Gen 5” Pokemon similarly how the Sinnoh stone works.

However, at this point of time, it is unclear: How players will be able to get the Unova Stone? How will it be exactly usable and which Pokemon will require an Unova Stone to evolve.

Some Pokemons in the queue that are likely to have special evolution are mentioned below.

Possible candidates for Unova stone – (Theory)

GEN 1 STONES (unlikely)

– Element Monkeys (Pansage, Pansear, Panpour)

– Eelektross

– Musharna

TRADES & FRIENDSHIP (less unlikely)

– Conkeldurr

– Gigalith

– Swoonbat

– Leavanny


– Liligant

– Whimsicott

– Shelmet

– Karrablast

– Chandalure

– Cincinno

Currently, there is no official confirmation about the matter. However, you can check out the photo of the new Unova stone tweeted by Chrales:

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