Pokemon Go : Best & most powerful Pokemon in the game based on Attack, Defense, CP, Stamina

Pokemon Go was released in 2016, and since then the game has been running pretty strong. The game has a huge fan base, and millions of players still play it daily. The credit for the success goes to Niantic for continually providing players with engaging content and in-game events.

Pokémon Go Current 2km, 5km, 7km, 20km Egg Chart

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Niantic is also going to release the Generation 5 Pokemon for the game starting on September 16. The company has already shared two silhouette images of Generation 5 Pokemon on its official Twitter account.

Pokemon GO Unova Stone coming for Gen 5 evolutions

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While analyzing the images, one can easily predict the teased Pokemon, which are Snivy and Tepig. Well, the players are pretty excited for the release of the upcoming Generation 5 Pokemon. Unova region Pokemon will be added to the game under week three of the Ultra Bonus Event.

All unreleased Shiny Pokémon from Gens 1-3

Well, so many Pokemon have been added to the game in the last three years, and players try to catch and assemble the best team for doing Raids and PvP battles. One can always debate about which Pokemon is stronger than the other in the game. Well, we have prepared a list of the best and strongest Pokemon in different categories.

Ranked by CP

Slaking – 4,431
Mewtwo – 4,178
Groudon – 4,115
Kyogre – 4,115
Dialga – 4,038

Best attacker

Deoxys – 345
Mewtwo – 300
Rampardos – 295
Slaking – 290
Rayquaza – 284

Best defender

Shuckle – 396
Lugia – 310
Regice – 309
Bastiodon – 286
Registeel – 285

Best stamina

Blissey – 496
Chansey – 487
Wobbuffet – 382
Wailord – 347
Snorlax – 330

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