OnePlus USB Drivers Download For Windows and macOS

The OnePlus USB Driver is a USB Driver that is perfectly compatible with all OnePlus Android devices. It is a software that allows OnePlus users to effectively connect their OnePlus device to the PC/Laptop. The tool is compatible with the whole line-up of OnePlus smartphones ranging from OnePlus One to OnePlus 7T. It is a free, secure, updated, and official tool that can be used to perform an array of tasks.

In today’s day and age, USB drivers are of paramount importance when it comes to connecting an Android device to the PC/Laptop. Android has come a long way in terms of performance, processing speed, and mobility. The OnePlus USB driver acts as a tunnel between an Android device and the PC/Laptop.

OnePlus USB Drivers

Using the OnePlus USB driver, an individual can transfer media from the PC to a smartphone, or vice versa. Establishing a seamless connection between the PC and a device becomes a child’s play using the OnePlus USB driver. OnePlus provides frequent updates to the OnePlus USB driver fixing any bugs along with introducing new features.

Additionally, an individual can also flash the stock firmware, make use of ADB commands, use MTP mode, use MIDI mode, and much more. OnePlus is known to offer top-class software on all of its phones. Unfortunately, OnePlus does not offer a fully equipped computer suite to its users. However, the OnePlus USB driver acts as compensation that tends to fulfill all the requirements of users.

OnePlus offers unparalleled customer support using the official OnePlus USB driver. It offers an array of features, seamless connection, user-friendly interface, and frequent updates that place the USB Driver in the top of the league. The process to download the OnePlus USB driver is simple, quick, and takes only minutes to complete.

How to install OnePlus USB Driver?

  1. Download and install the latest OnePlus USB Driver version from the link provided below.OnePlus USB Drivers
  2. Extract the “.exe” file to the desired location. Double-click on it to open it.
  3. Once it opens, select “Yes” on the “User Account Control” prompt that pops up on the screen.
  4. Select the desired language. Click on “OK” once the desired language is selected. In this case, we have chosen English.OnePlus USB Drivers
  5. A window that provides two options to choose from appears on the screen. Select the option of “Install” to initialize the process.
  6.  Once the procedure is complete, click on “Finish” to put an end to the installation process. The OnePlus USB Driver will be installed on the system.OnePlus USB Drivers

Download OnePlus USB Drivers for Windows and macOS:

OnePlus Nord Driver for Windows

OnePlus Nord Driver for macOS

OnePlus 8 Pro Driver for Windows 

OnePlus 8 Pro Driver for macOS

OnePlus 8 Driver for Windows

OnePlus 8 Driver for macOS

OnePlus 7T Pro Driver for Windows 

rel=”nofollow”>OnePlus 7T Pro Driver for macOS

rel=”nofollow”>OnePlus 7T Driver for Windows

rel=”nofollow”>OnePlus 7T Driver for macOS

rel=”nofollow”>OnePlus 7 Pro Driver for Windows 

rel=”nofollow”>OnePlus 7 Pro Driver for macOS

rel=”nofollow”>OnePlus 7 Driver for Windows 

rel=”nofollow”>OnePlus 7 Driver for macOS

rel=”nofollow”>OnePlus 6T Driver for Windows 

rel=”nofollow”>OnePlus 6T Driver for macOS

rel=”nofollow”>OnePlus 6 Driver for Windows 

rel=”nofollow”>OnePlus 6 Driver for macOS

rel=”nofollow”>OnePlus 5T Driver for Windows 

rel=”nofollow”>OnePlus 5T Driver for macOS

rel=”nofollow”>OnePlus 5 Driver for Windows 

rel=”nofollow”>OnePlus 5 Driver for macOS

rel=”nofollow”>OnePlus 3T Driver for Windows 

rel=”nofollow”>OnePlus 3T Driver for macOS

rel=”nofollow”>OnePlus 3 Driver for Windows 

rel=”nofollow”>OnePlus 3 Driver for macOS

rel=”nofollow”>OnePlus X Driver for Windows

rel=”nofollow”>OnePlus 2 Driver for Windows

rel=”nofollow”>OnePlus 2 Driver for macOS

rel=”nofollow”>OnePlus One Driver for Windows

rel=”nofollow”>OnePlus One Driver for macOS


The OnePlus USB tool is a handy tool to be in possession of. The process of installation is simple taking only a few minutes to complete. The utility tool offers a wide range of compatibility. The user-interface is clutter-free containing only the essentials.