Lenovo Smart Mouse features speech recognition technology, voice input and translation

Lenovo the Chinese smartphones and computer peripherals maker, has launched a new smart mouse. The mouse utilizes deep learning technology to enhance its smart features.

Lenovo smart mouse can support voice input, real-time translation, and voice control. Well, it is quite a lot to ask from a mouse, isn’t it? But as our technology is progressing, deep learning and AI is increasing productivity and utility of a product. In the year 2019, we will see more AI & deep learning driven technologies. At CES 2019, we have seen that a lot of consumer products are also utilizing the benefits of deep learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Lenovo smart mouse is priced at ($43), so the device does not seem that costly. Lenovo Smart Mouse utilizes speech recognition technology, crafted by Chinese startup Keda Xunfei. Device Speech Recognition technology allows you to control and operate a variety of features.

It allows you to do voice input, English translation, and voice control. Its voice input functionality supports the following languages: Chinese (Mandarin, Sichuan dialect, Henan dialect, Cantonese) and English.

Device translation functionality supports a total of 26 languages. It can easily translate English to any other language (For example – English to French and vice versa). Lenovo Smart mouse keeps updating its dictionary and Thesaurus by connecting itself to AI-driven cloud services. It also uses deep learning to enhance its speech recognition accuracy.

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Lenovo Smart Mouse

Lenovo Smart mouse use blue light positioning technology rather than traditional photoelectric and laser technology. With blue light positioning technology in function, the mouse can be easily used on various types of surfaces like wood, glass, cloth. The mouse supports 4 DPI channels – 600/1200/2400/4000.

Lenovo Smart mouse has an attractive design in terms of aesthetics and is 110×61×32 mm in dimension. Outer Casing is made of ABS material with a metal texture.