Kasa Smart For PC: Download And Install Kasa App For Windows And Mac

Smart homes are becoming more and more commonplace nowadays. Everyone has some smart device or another adding a bit of flair to regular, everyday items. It does feel great to simply walk into a room and command your voice assistant to turn on the lights for you.

However, if your house has a bunch of these smart home appliances, things can get a little chaotic. So, having a centralized application to manage all of it will make your life a bit easier. That’s where “Kasa Smart” comes in. This is a smart home management app from TP-Link which lets you keep track of and control all of your smart switches, smart bulbs, etc.

It also has integration with various smart home assistants like Google Home and Amazon Echo. So, regardless of which ecosystem you’ve built your smart home in, the Kasa Smart app will slot right into it. Of course, this app doesn’t work with every smart device under the sun. You need certain specific switches that are compatible with it. However, you can head over to the app’s Google Play Store page to check for this.

Kasa Smart For PC

How To Install Kasa Smart For PC

That’s another small hurdle when it comes to this app. It’s only available on Android natively. That doesn’t mean you can’t install it on your PC or Mac, though. It is quite simple to run an Android emulator on your system. The best candidate for this jerry-rigged setup is BlueStacks. Here’s how you can get it running on your Windows PC or Mac.

  1. Download the BlueStacks setup file from the official website.
  2. Double-click the setup file to begin the installation process.
  3. Once it’s installed, open it and set up your “Android” device.
  4. After you have chosen your system language, date & time, connected to a WiFi network, and logged in with your Google Account, you are good to go.

Install Kasa Smart For PC Via BlueStacks

Now, you simply need to install the Kasa Smart app onto your BlueStacks system.

  1. On the main BlueStacks page, go to My Apps>System Apps>Google Play Store.
  2. Here, search for the Kasa Smart app, like you would any app on your Android device.
  3. After you find it, click the Install button and you should be able to use it from your PC or Mac.


This little workaround will help you turn your computer into a control center for your entire home. You can do all of this just as easily on a smartphone, of course. However, it can’t hurt to have access to these controls on your Windows PC or Mac as well. If you’ve followed this guide, everything should be running smoothly. In case something isn’t quite working, drop a comment about it below. We’ll try to figure out what you could do to fix it.