How to Download Tap, Tap APK On Any Android Device (APK Link)

Have you ever imagined how it would have been to operate your smartphone with its rear panel? Day by day smartphones are evolving bigger in size and with their bezel-less huge displays, gestures are becoming the key element to operate the devices more smoothly.

With the advancement in the latest technology, the android crew introduced a new futuristic technique to enhance the usage of the rear panel of your phone with the Double-tap gesture in Android 11 devices. Doesn’t it sound innovative?. Previously, we’ve noticed several ways of physical interaction with our smartphones with the support of Gestures or various expertise hardware.

Android lately introduced gestures like motion sensors, squeezable device edges, double-tapping on screen, etc. These innovative features enable the users to operate their devices in a seamless and less time absorbing manner.

This feature stimulates the users to implement various activities just by tapping twice on the backside of their handset.

Here are some of the features provided by the double-tap gesture:

  • Initiating camera
  • Initiating google assistant
  • Rejecting timers
  • Disable notification 
  • Silence Incoming calls 
  • Snoozing alarms
  • Play or pause music or media
  • Perform a “user-selected actions”  

Sadly this Double-tap gesture feature is only accessible on Google Pixel smartphones operating on Android 11.

Luckily, developer Kieron Quinn arranged to port this component, so it can be operated on any Android device out there.

He introduced the Tap, Tap APK which lets Android users to experience these useful features on their devices.

Uses of the Tap, Tap APK :

  • This application runs on any Android device operating on Android 7.0 Nougat or any higher versions.
  • Similar to the double-tap gesture feature the Tap, Tap APK also allows all the essential aspects like launching the camera and performing specific actions. 
  • Users need to use the Accessibility Service with which Tap, Tap can identify the touches on the rear panel.
  • The application doesn’t need any other software or plugins to operate.
  • It utilizes the smartphone’s gyroscope and accelerometer detectors to execute the Actions  

How to Download Tap, Tap APK On Any Android Device

First of all, you need to download the APK on your smartphone Kieron Quinn mentioned the APK link in the XDA Forums. You can simply follow the link mentioned below to download the app.


After downloading the apk, search the apk in downloads and tap in once to install. You might need to enable the “Download from Unknown Sources” too.

To get the experience of the double-tap gesture feature on your device follow these seamless steps and operate your handset with the rear panel just with a tap.

Tap, tap APK

  • Complete the installation process.
  • Open settings and allow the Accessibility Service
  • Open the Gesture Settings and choose a Device model.
  • 3 device model will be visible, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL.

  • After selecting an option, Under the “Actions” bar assign your preferable actions. 
  • Although there are numerous Actions listed, the APK will just provide priority only to the Topmost Actions. Even if the Action is unable to operate for any cause, distinct Action in the list will operate.
  • The developer has also included Gates to Actions so that the users can prevent any specific Action that is enforced.


  • Gates category enables the users to assign the conditions in which the actions will stop performing. For example, if the user turns on the “display off” the APK will not conduct any actions.
  • At last, the Feedback settings enable the users to regulate if the device will Vibrate while using any Action or If the device will Wake Up if an action is initiated. 

Users of any android device can enjoy these amazing features on their smartphones with the help of the Tap, Tap tool, and utilize the google pixel experience. So, here we conclude, try downloading the APK and start tapping!