Fix: Thop TV not working/ Playing: Download Latest Thop TV APK

Thop TV is an amazing app in which you can search and watch almost everything. Be it an exclusive and newly released web series or the live telecast of any channel, Thop TV has it all. Also, this application is free. It means that you need not pay any subscription or premium charges. Preference and library access is the same for everyone. Not to mention, even the ads are way less than the desired range.

Usually, we see that apps like Thop TV are free. But the problem with most of them is that they come with banner ads and in-video ads. Well, Thop TV is a little different. You may encounter some ads within the UI. But, the amount of these ads is far less as compared to its alternatives. Another major thing is that it is available across multiple platforms. Some of these include Android smartphone, TVs, TV boxes, Chromecast, Firestick, Windows, Mac, etc. Overall, Thop TV is a must-have app for most of the users out there.

Well, so far, you might have already convinced to get Thop TV on your device. You yourself are likely using it on your devices. But, the problem is that this app has stopped working in some cases. First of all, such issues are normal in such apps. So, here is a stepwise guide to fix Thop TV not working or playing.

How to fix Thop TV not working or playing:

Before getting into the steps, here are a couple of things that you can check for. Make sure to check the network connectivity. To be on the proper side, forget the network and reconnect to it. Apart from this, you can quickly relaunch the app on either of your devices and try again. If these did not work, then here are the following steps.

Fix Thop TV not working or playing and download latest APK

Step 1: Open the Thop TV app

Click on the three dots menu on the top right corner. In this menu, click on check for updates. If any update is available, complete it.

Step 2: After checking for updates, go to Storage & Cache

Navigate to the Settings -> Apps -> Thop TV -> Storage and Cache. In this section, clear both the storage as well as cache memory.

Step 3: Next up, quickly restart your device

Here, instead of a regular restart, you can try a cold boot. Power OFF the device, wait for about 5 minutes, and then turn it ON again.

Step 4: Finally, open the app and play any video or channel

If it still doesn’t work, then click on the link below to download the latest APK for your device.

Download THOP TV APK


In short, the above steps will surely help you fix the issue. On the other hand, you can also check to reinstall it, remove antivirus, use free VPN, or simply switch to another device. To sum up, Oreo TV, GoMax Live TV, Jio TV, Pikashow, Cyberflix, etc. are some of its alternatives you can give a try.