Download Ourplay APK for Google services for Huawei devices: GSpace alternative

Ever since the United States have banned Huawei, its users are having a tough time. It means to survive without Google Apps. As you might have already known, Huawei banned using US-based company’s services and partnerships. So, in this list, some companies include Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Qualcomm, etc. Now, the biggest let down is Google apps and services. In other words, they are also called Google Mobile Services (GMS).

Well, the thing is that after this ban, none of the newly launched Huawei devices had GMS support. Till China, this part is acceptable. But, as we know, Huawei is a global brand. Also, the rest of the world solely depends on GMS for literally everything in day-to-day tasks. Be it searching for any word, or navigating to the office, or even watching a fun video, use GMS extensively.

Now, for Huawei users, this option is no longer available. So, they tried to adopt some third-party apps GSpace, Chat Partner, to install GMS. But, every app has its set of con sides. For instance, in GSpace, you may get an error to sign in to your account. Apart from the fact that you already signed in. So, for this case, here is a new alternative, Ourplay. We will try to provide a complete guide on where to download Ourplay, how-to-use it, and some of the features to know.

How to download Ourplay APK for Google Mobile Services (GMS): 

First, Ourplay is a similar app through which you can download and use GMS on Huawei devices. Some popular apps in GMS include Gmail, Maps, YouTube, Drive, Photos, etc. So, if you are facing any issues with the earlier apps, then try Ourplay. Ourplay is a Chinese app, so the default language is Chinese. We will provide you with a trick to solve it. But, here are the steps to download Ourplay on your device. 

  • Step 1: Download the file of Ourplay from the link given below.
  • Step 2: After the file downloads, open it in the download section and unzip the folder. Next up, you will find the APK file of Ourplay. Click on it and install it on your Huawei device. 
  • Step 3: Open the app, grant the necessary permissions such as phone, contacts, storage, location, and then wait for a couple of minutes till the app downloads some additional files. 
  • Step 4: Tap on the Google Play Store icon and sign in to your existing Google account. The process remains the same. If you cannot find the icon, tap on the + icon, and search for it. 
  • Step 5: Finally, you can install any app from the Play Store as you used to do earlier or on other devices. 

Download Links:


So, overall, that was the guide on how to download Ourplay on your Huawei device. On a side note, if the Chinese language bothers you, then install the Hi Dictionary app after you install Play Store. It will provide a dynamic toggle for on-screen translation. But, even then, till installing the Play Store, you must handle the Chinese sentences. Lastly, consider sharing with other Huawei users as well.