Modified iPhone 11 (Pro) stock wallpapers by Ispazio look amazing!

Apple, the Cupertino based tech giant, has finally launched the next-generation luxury flagship series of 2019 – iPhone 11. And like all tech enthusiasts all over the world, we are also excited about the new device. With the new iPhone 11 series, Apple introduced new and improved features like faster FaceID, improved cameras, better display, better processor and a lot more. And like the previous versions, we will be seeing new designs and wallpapers too. If you are one of those, who love to try new wallpapers on your device. We have enlisted the links to download iPhone 11 stock wallpaper here.

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Not only this, new iPhone 11 series comes with three different variants, that is, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, where the highest variant will be named as iPhone 11 Pro Max.


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Talking about the device, we are expecting some major upgrades in design and overall features. Last year’s iPhone series, that is, the iPhone XS didn’t get any major change in design and features. The decision to provide a bigger display variant (iPhone XS Max), was good though.

The new iPhone 11 Pro series features a triple rear camera setup. And there are some changes in the design too, the triple camera will be arranged in a square camera module, unlike iPhone X’s vertical camera module.

Camera department in the new generation iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, got some major upgradation. Apple has introduced a new camera module, the square camera module, with improved and new features, the camera module looks gigantic and ugly though.

Talking about the display of the iPhone 11, the device will feature a Super Retina display like the previous iPhone XR, whereas, iPhone 11 Pro series comes with OLED display, like the iPhone XS. And yes, the display notch will be there for the FaceID, and there is no change in the size.

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And if we talk about wallpapers, the OEM will surely launch the new iPhone 11 Wallpaper, especially for the AMOLED display. And we are pretty excited about that too, can’t wait to try them out.

Well, the iPhone 11 wallpapers are available now. Here are the previews of 5 wallpapers. The download link includes 10 wallpapers. You can check out the link. We will keep updating these links for high-quality wallpapers.



iPhone 11 stock wallpaper
Wallpaper Preview (Download Link Below)


iPhone 11 stock wallpaper
Wallpaper Preview (Download Link Below)


iPhone 11 stock wallpaper
Wallpaper Preview (Download Link Below)

MODIFIES WALLPAPERS by IspazioDylan McDonald –

These modified wallpapers are the dark-mode version of the official iPhone 11 wallpapers.


iPhone 11 stock wallpaper
Wallpaper Preview (Download Link Below)


iPhone 11 stock wallpaper
Wallpaper Preview (Download Link Below)


Download iPhone 11 Stock Wallpaper

Download New AMOLED Wallpapers


NOTE: The new download link will be updated soon.