Google Camera 7.4 Apk Download (Gcam 7.4) for all Android phones : Gcam from Pixel 5

Google recently released the first Android 11 Beta for Pixel devices. The first Beta is surely creating its own excitement and craze among Android users. The tech giant will also be soon releasing the Pixel 4a followed by Pixel 5 and 5 XL somewhen later. A while ago, we saw some glimpses about the upcoming Google Camera 7.4. The stable version of this should be available with the stable Android 11 release as we expect. However, as seen with the Android 11 Beta, things don’t seem to be going as scheduled for Google Camera 7.4 as well. Google is also rolling out a new update for Google Camera. The earlier version of Google Camera brought in a lot of cool features, including astrophotography mode.

You can install the latest version of Gcam on any Pixel device that you want. Today we have got you covered with the latest Gcam 7.4, which has a lot of awesome features. Not to forget, you can also shoot some great low-light photos with Gcam.Google Camera 7.4 (Gcam 7.4) apk download from pixel 5

Google Camera 7.4 for Pixel devices(Latest Gcam) :

So, Google is finally rolling out this update with the version number v7.4.104.313422365. The update is currently rolling out only for all the Pixel devices out there. It does bringĀ in a lot of cool features, changes, and stability fixes as well. The update brings some really cool features like 8x Zoom for videos, video resolution quick toggle, and a lot more. The 8x zoom feature for videos is currently available only for the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. With the use of Google’s Super Res Zoom algorithm, the zoom capabilities have been leveled up by 8x. This used to be only 6x earlier.

Pixel 4 has only a 2x telephoto lens but can still use the 8x zoom feature. Further, this feature is only available with the 1080p resolution mode and not with the auto or 60fps mode. We also get a new and better camera UI. This brings toggles to change the resolution of the videos on the go. You can also change it while recording videos in the meantime. You can either choose the Full HD 1080p option or the 4K one. Apart from these, it includes features like dual exposure controls to adjust brightness and HDR for photos. The astrophotography mode is also now integrated straight under Night Sight.Gcam 7.4 apk for all android phones

Well, as of now Google has not yet revealed the complete changelog. We will get to know more about it as soon as the new changelog for this update arrives. Until then, these are all the features that we know as of now.


8x Zoom for videos(currently available ony for Pixel 4 series)

Video resolution quick toggle

Dual exposure controls to adjust brightness

HDR for photos

Astrophotography mode integrated under Night Sight

The latest Google Camera 7.4 for android devices boosts the performance of the image sensors along with the capability of the camera hardware and does an extremely great task in producing better images than the stock camera app. You can download the gcam apk from the link given below.

How to Download and Install Gcam 7.4 on Android Phones :

The latest Gcam 7.4 can be downloaded on any Pixel devices. While the update is directly available on the Play Store for Pixel devices, some devices are not seeing the updates. Also, not all the features are available on every Pixel devices out there. For instance, you won’t find the astrophotography mode on the Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL. You can download the apk file from the links given below.Gcam 7.4 apk for all android phones

Steps to Install Gcam 7.4 :

  • Below are the links to the Gcam Apk files. First of all download the apk file on your smartphone.

Download Gcam 7.4 APK (GDRIVE)

Download Gcam 7.4 APK (BOX)

  • Once you download the apk file from above, you just need to install it as you would typically do for any other apk. (You may have to allow some permissions to install the app from external sources)
  • Now, once the app gets installed, just open it from your home screen or app drawer.

There you go! You now have the latest Google Camera 7.4 working on your Pixel device. Go check out all those cool new features. Cheers Peeps!!

That’s all folks, If you face any problem regarding gcam apk on your phone then do let us know in the comment section below.