Download Gcam for Oppo Phones – (ColorOS 7 Google camera – Gcam 7.4)

Oppo is a well-established name in the Indian market. The superior build quality, impeccable camera performance, quick processing, and the user-friendly ColorOS have attributed to be a triumph for Oppo. Another attribute to mention is that of the patented VOOC flash charging technology that is simply mind-boggling.

It is quite evident that the reign of Chinese smartphone manufacturers has begun. Known to exert supremacy, Oppo has targeted the masses over the years. Raking in huge numbers in terms of sale, Oppo has entrenched its dominance over the marketplace in a short span of time.

Universally known to manufacture camera-centric smartphones, Oppo has created a league of its own. With decent DxOMark scores on a majority of its devices, the presence of potential is unquestionable. However, the potentiality is withheld by a large margin.

To get a brink of the peak camera performance, a switch-over is necessary. The charismatic magic wand being referred to here is Gcam (Google Camera).

What is Gcam?

Google Camera is a popular camera application developed by Google for Android. It brings a splash of features to the table propelling the camera sensor to employ its full capabilities. This implementation in addition to the brilliant post-processing form a worthwhile combination.

Google is widely known for its gorgeous Pixel line-up. To be specific, the Pixel series is the best-in-class in the camera department. The DxOMark scores are proof of this statement. The unsung hero of this feat is Marv Levoy. This gentleman is responsible for the success of the glorious Pixel camera. While the credentials seem to be quite impressive, a quick glance at the features might settle the lack of clarity.

Gcam APK features:

  • Social Sharing
  • Movement Function
  • Slow-motion capabilities
  • Astrophotography mode for the space geeks
  • 8X zoom capabilities for shooting videos on the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL
  • Super Resolution Zoom to maintain quality
  • HDR+ and HDR+ enhanced options
  • Portrait, wide-angle, lens blur, and Panorama mode
  • Quicker switching between the photo and video mode
  • Night Sight
  • Quick toggle option
  • Self-timer
  • AR Stickers
  • Face Enhancer


Download Gcam for Oppo Phones –

Unfortunately, Gcam is exclusively developed for Pixel devices. This instates that it is not available for installation on the Google Play Store for the common folk. However, for unsupported devices, another method can be utilized to bypass the privilege. This method requires the support of Camera2 API.

The icing on the cake is that Camera2 API is enabled by default on most of the devices including Oppo devices. This ensures a seamless experience without the requirement of root access or boot loading.

The above-mentioned facts dictate that Gcam can be directly downloaded in a Camera2API enabled device without any hassle. The procedure of download is the usual one having no special requirements. The download link is attached below.

Download Google Camera (Gcam 7.4) for Oppo Devices:

GCam 7.4 for Oppo Devices

Older Version


Gcam is a revolutionary software that brings major changes to the world of smartphone photography and/or videography. The download procedure is quite straightforward. Along with adding a truckload of features, it also provides satisfying results. Using this tool, even a newbie can perform professional photography and/or videography.