Download APKMirror Installer for Android TV

The Android operating system has seeped its way into digital media players, set-up boxes. smartphones, and even televisions. An ideal replacement for Google TV, Android TVs are also known as Smart TVs as they are capable of running voice searches, surfacing content from the vast world of the WWW, hosting applications, integrating with numerous assistants, and performing the rest of the basic operations.

Android TV


There is a common tie between all these electronic devices that connects them indefinitely. Services offers by Google ranging from Gmail to the Google Play Store inherit every Android device in existence. Intriguingly, the protocol applies to Android Televisions as well. Woefully, the Google Play Store does not fulfill every requirement of an individual. Hence, other routes to fulfill this desire must be invented.

One such solution to a complex problem lies within the APKMirror Installer Application. This application grants users to install files with ‘.apkm’ extension in bundles from the official APK Mirror website or from other external sources. The application is quite advanced as it notifies the user about the exact error when an APK file fails to sideload.

The concept of app bundles is quite complicated. In simple words, instead of giving rise to an APK that contains numerous libraries and resources, an individual can opt for app bundles that are handled by Google. These bundles get split into multiple chunks giving birth to one base APK along with one or two APK splits simplifying the procedure by a great margin.

APKMirror Installer

In the current day and age, a majority of applications are adopting the split APKs method that is quite straightforward. To meet the requirements of such an application, the APKMirror Installer takes the stand of the savior.

As mentioned earlier, each split ‘.apkm’ consists of a base APK and one or more split files. Once the application is downloaded, all the user has to do is find the download location of the ‘.apkm’ file. Once the location is found, all the user has to do is point out the split file that has to be installed on the device. This move also saves a significant amount of space in the drive leaving behind a spot for other applications.

Coming the main point, the spectacular APKMirror Installer application can also be downloaded on Android televisions. This sorcery can be conduction with the help of an APK. The irony present in the last statement is quite noticeable.

Download APKMirror Installer for Android TV:

Download APKMirror Installer for Android TV

How to download the APKMirror Installer on Android TV?

  1. Download the APK of the application to the desired location from the link provided.
  2. Head to the settings of the television. Enable the “Install Unknown Apps” toggle from the “Privacy and Security” section of the settings.
  3. Proceed to navigate to the download location of the APK. Once the APK is located, tap on it.
  4. A mini-window opens on the screen. Grant access to all the permissions.
  5. Once the formalities are completed, the installation process will begin.
  6. Once the installation is complete, launch the application to use it seamlessly.


The APKMirror Installer application is a handy software that can be used to install split APKs on the television with ease. Apart from this, the procedure and mode of operation are quite straightforward requiring only the bare minimum from the user’s end.