Android 11 Gcam (Google Camera) APK Download for Google Pixel 5

Google has rolled out a beta version of Android 11 to the Pixel line-up. Google is rumored to roll out the stable version of Android 11 in September in a sequential manner. The update is highly-awaited as it introduces a mix of features that users have longed for ages. The cherry on the cake is that this update will also introduce a new version of the highly-regarded Google Camera.

The latest version of Gcam, that is, version 7.5.107 is currently being tested on Pixel devices that are running on Android 11. Google has not revealed any major details about the update. However, the improvements and additions made to the popular camera software were foreseen.

Gcam for Pixel devices

Google has also fixed numerous bugs that lead to a sluggish experience. Google has made minor adjustments in the interface to make Gcam user-friendly. Apart from this, stability improvements have also been made to avoid the unnecessary crashing of the application. Version 7.5 of Gcam introduces motion blur, audio zoom, video sharing, and flash intensity.

Google Pixel 5

Much to the rejoice of users, the highly-awaited Pixel 5 will support the latest version of Gcam. An added bonus is that even the affordable Pixel 4a will support the latest version of Google Camera. The latest version 7.5 of Gcam has been tried and tested on both the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a. Fortunately, the results have revealed to be extraordinary.

What are the features of Android 11 Gcam?

  • Flash Intensity: This option gives users the freedom of altering the intensity of the flash as per requirements. Instead of performing the on-off operation, a user can now choose between increasing or decreasing the brightness.
  • Audio Zoom: A feature that has not been heard of, “Audio Zoom” is an intriguing feature. Using the audio zoom, a user can capture audio from a specific direction. When a video is scaled down upon, the mic tends to capture audio from one particular direction instead of a 360-degree surround system. This feature will allow users to capture clean audio that does not contain any noise or disturbance.
  • Video-Sharing: A useful feature to be in possession of, Video-Sharing will allow an individual to share images/videos directly on social media. The previous version of Gcam allowed users to only share images through the interface. However, with the latest update, flexibility has been increased by a great margin opening gateways to video files also.
  • Motion Blur: This new addition to the feature list allows an individual to capture a professional grade of photos. The effect is similar to that of the portrait mode. Nevertheless, it is a step-up as it provides results that are capable of competing against DSLR images on various occasions.

Gcam for Pixel devices

Gcam for Pixel devices

Download Android 11 Gcam APK for Google Pixel 5:

Download Android 11 Gcam for Pixel 5- V7.5


The latest version of Gcam has made the camera application impeccable. There have been significant upgrades in terms of all aspects. The feature-rich Gcam has expanded its reach over to the moon with the Android 11 update. On a side note, the above-mentioned features are mere additions to the widespread.