235 Sites like 123Movies (not working)

123Movies was one of the popular websites where you can watch a number of movies, TV shows, web series, and more. And the library of these contents is just so large that you will hardly run out of any content. But the term was implied that these things hold in past. Coming to the present times, 123Movies is no longer in existence and also none of its subsidiaries.

For a long period, 123Movies served as a one-stop platform for all of our entertainment needs. But due to the copyright issues from various platforms the site was shut down. Even in many countries such as India, the USA, and other parts of the world, this is treated as illegal. Even though the site had not done any sort of illegal activities, the content it features was copyrighted by some other source. This in turn led to the ban of the website 123Movies and suspend all of its operations.

Not just 123Movies, there are many other websites such as Utorrent, Bittorrent, etc. which were found to be stuck in such situations. Nevertheless, we are here with 35 sites like 123Movies where you can get more or less the same experience as in the past. With that being said, let’s begin.

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35 Sites like 123Movies to watch movies online:

  • 1. Ohh.io: 

First of all, let us start with a site that resembles most of the 123Movies. Ohh.io is an easy-to-use yet feature-rich site to watch movies online. The major highlight of this site is that it is completely ad-free. Like no pop-ups, annoying ads, unnecessary redirecting, and more. In my view, this really matters a lot. And for first-time viewers, they need to worry about not getting the media they want to see.

  • 2. YTS Movies:

For those who are not into online streaming and more of a one-time download person then this is for you. YTS movies is basically a peer to peer service website. This implies that one user uploads the content that they have with them. While the other person can find that content and download if needed. In this way, you can interact through uploading and downloading. Fun fact, this website was founded by a computer science student from the University of Waikato.

  • 3. Movies Found Online:

Yes, literally that is the name of the site. And to no one’s surprise, the site stays true to its naming. As it implies, in this site you can watch movies online for free similar to 123Movies. Unlike most of the websites in this list, this one tries to provide English subtitles. It may be not working the completely right way in some cases. But something is always better than nothing. So, for those who try out, different languages media can give this one a try.

sites like 123Movies

  • 4. Yes Movies:

From one good name to another. Yes, Movies is yet another good website like 123Movies in which you can watch movies online for free. One of the primary highlights of this site is that it provides an HD streaming quality for most of the content it delivers on the site. Also, the user interface is pretty simple. Like at the home screen you get the search bar, logo, and some other info. All you need to do is type in the movie you want to watch and it will show up the results.

  • 5. Soap 2 Day:

Talking about HD streaming quality though, Soap 2 Day brings the same but with some extras. Along with the video quality, it also has high-quality graphics. This may not be useful for all types of movies. But for those superheroes or adventure movies, this will surely help out. Lastly, Soap 2 Day has a huge library of different languages and genres. Some of these include adventure, travel, comedy, horror, romantic, biographic, and more.

  • 6. FMovies:

Knowingly or unknowingly, you might have come across this website and also its content. It is really interesting to know that, most of the other sites redirect to this one to watch or download. In this way, you can ditch all those other microsites and end up adopting this one. Also, the content is well defined based on the country and type of audience. The only caveat though is it hardly has a good library of movies. The most part consists of different web series.


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  • 7. CMovies:

Moving from F to C, in the list of sites similar to 123Movies this one does lean more towards the movies from various languages and so. Talking about the library, this is really huge. It is more like, you name it and it is there. All you need to do is search for the movie you want and you will surely end up getting a high-quality file for sure. But on the downside, it has a good amount of ads. Make sure to use an ad blocker extension to avoid them.

  • 8. WatchSeriesHD:

I hope the proper naming of the site reveals half of the information. This is why there is nothing much to talk about this one. As mentioned, it does have a good amount of series from various sources, languages and genres. With the help of this site, you can watch mostly all of them as per your liking in a high-quality HD quality.

  • 9. StreamOnHD:

Yet another site that tells the most of itself in the site name itself. StreamOnHD is no different. This one has a decent amount of library for different movies, series, shows, and more. In the note of the content and other features, this one shares most of them from 123Movies. On top of that, all of this content is made available for its viewers in HD streaming quality.

  • 10. MoviezWap:

Now moving somewhat towards a site that is more focused on the specific type of content. MoviezWap contains only Telugu and Tamil movies, shows, and web series. Sometimes, we can even get to see the regional dubbed version of Hindi and English movies. The let down is for sure pop-ups and ads at some of the redirected links.

  • 11. Top Documentary Films:

On the note of specific and focused content for any particular type, here is another option to look for. As the name suggests, Top Documentary Films site has a good library of documentary films from various languages and topics. Also, if you are into such documentary films then you will surely have a good time watching media from this site.

  • 12. MovieZap:

Not to confused with the above mentioned MoviezWap. It is because MovieZap shines in its own way. Thanks to an easy and clean user interface, the huge library of movies, TV shows, web series, and more. Also, the presentation is pretty straight forward to start with. You get the top or most viewed movies list, the search bar, and few links for the social media handles.

  • 13. Put Locker:

Most of the viewers out there are into the world of action and chase sequences of high budget Hollywood. But when it comes to downloading or even watching these in the same feel, they fall short of sources. But this one right here is maybe the one you are looking for. Lastly, this is one of the most popular and reliable sources to get the content for free.

  • 14. GoStream:

As we are talking about the list of sites like 123Movies, this one right here served as one of the best alternative options. One of the primary reasons for this is that it does not have any sort of ads or pop-ups. So, for those who are wondering about the source of income in hosting the site. This one only has some of the sponsored links which occupy minimum space on the home screen of the site.

  • 15. 123GoStream:

Another site that indeed provides movies and shows for free but rather starts with a different approach. Instead of acting as a hub for all your movies, shows, and series, it comes up with available sources. So, once you search for any content it provides you with the sources where it is available to stream or download. In this way, it fastens your process of searching for the right source for your file.

  • 16. VexMovies:

Vex Movies is yet another good alternative that surely makes it into the list. To start with, this site has a good and simple user interface. As mentioned earlier, this small thing makes a huge difference. Like if you are visiting any new site then it hardly takes you a minute to get an impression. In that case, a good UI helps a lot. Also, it comes up with the latest movies and shows adding to the list now and then.

  • 17. WatchFree:

Let us first address the elephant in the room. With this site, you can watch almost anything for free. Be it any newly released series, top-rated movies, or an enjoyable show, you will find it here. Also, I personally like the home page of the site. I mean it is filled with the contents. This has dedicated tabs and accessible links for top-rated movies, popular movies, latest hits, and various genres.

  • 18. Movies Joy:

Before getting to the site, one quick note. A lot of us stream movies or series for joy. Be it watching our favorite actor on screen, or wanting to get that scene in the loop. We take every bit of that watching experience with joy. If you are one of those movie joy lovers, then you will definitely enjoy this one.

  • 19. Popcorn Flix:

In the context of the watching experience, especially movies, popcorn is one of the key elements. It does not make any popcorn for you. Rather it says that you get your popcorn ready to watch along with something. Also, this site has a huge collection of movies, shows, and series. Lastly, I personally liked the overall look of the site as it feels premium and reliable.

  • 20. Solar Movie:

Just as one of the above ones which have dedicated tabs, this one also makes them inclusive and even makes it better. Firstly, the color model is literally bright and refreshing. The analogy of solar term in the site name with Solar or Sun. Also, they have a bunch of movies, shows, and series to watch from.

  • 21. Yo Movie:

Not all of them like Hollywood, or web series some of them still find the Bollywood nature of movies. So, for those Bollywood fans out there, this site is one of the best options. The library of this site mostly covers all of the Bollywood movies you want to watch. Apart from the movies themselves, it also packs some other info such as year of release, cast, and crew, IMDb rating, etc. Like this will give you a glimpse of the movie before deciding to watch it.

  • 22. Vumoo:

First things first, the interface and web design of this site are so minimalistic and simple. The entire web design relies on the two-tone color model i.e., maroon and black. Also, it by default has that dark mode like theme. So, you need to worry about those long night binge watch on your bed.

  • 23. Crackle:

Not many of them are away from any sort of ads, pop-ups, redirecting links, and more. On top of that, most of them even are considered illegal in your particular country. But, Crackle is entirely different in that case. To begin with, it is a completely legal site, so no worries there. In that case, Crackle sites besides any of the top premium streaming sites. Thanks to its simple and modern UI.

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  • 24. Plex:

As we were mentioning about legal sites, here is another one to get into that list. Plex is a site that is not only available to access on Windows, Android or iOS. But also, they bring up dedicated apps to popular media streams such as Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, etc. Lastly, modern UI will surely help you make the most of the site.

sites like 123Movies

  • 25. Thop TV:

Right from the name, you smell that it is an Indian site or app. Also, not everyone is into streaming content. Rather some of these just prefer watching live TV channels and choose them to telecast as per their wish. In that case, Thop TV is a great option. The only drawback is that the names are a bit wrong spelled that too intentionally.

  • 26. LookMovie:

This site has that look and feel of every other shopping site. Like an eye catchy UI and filled with different types of products. The only difference is that instead of products you get to see movies. Apart from that, this one has an IMDb rating, different sorts of filters to find your best-searched movies among the top list.

  • 27. GO Movies:

Some of the other time, we get into a situation where we personally no idea about what to watch next. In that case, this site will help you out with its dedicated tab for the sole purpose. Here you will find the recommendations based on users’ experience, ratings, and categories. So, this one is definitely worth a try in those times.

sites like 123Movies

  • 28. Streaming Sites:

So far the sites in this list have the term movies in them. It is understood that they are sites where you can watch movies and more. In the same way, Streamignsites provides you with the list of sites and thus the term sites. Just search for any title in the search bar and it will come up with available sources.

  • 29. BMovies:

First of all, the thing that I observed is that the design if this site has a lot to share with earlier mentioned GOMovies. The only difference is that this one feels like the dark mode version of the above one. That part aside, BMovies has some good set of movies, shows, and more. Also, the manageable part is that it has comparatively less and even basic ads while navigating.

  • 30. Prime Wire:

The only let down of this site is that it still carries the old-school and dated user interface. I would any day prefer good looking site over this one. But the collection you get on this site is really appreciable. Personally, I feel that this is the reason why people are adjusting to the dated UI. To sum up, a really good site with an okayish content type.

  • 31. Telegram:

All of you might know this as one of the best messaging apps or rather a good rival to WhatsApp. But to a good extent, this also lets you watch movies and popular series. All you need to do is search for the title and get into the channel. After that download it and start watching. One of the issues is that most of them are really misleading so invest good time to get the proper one.

Another bummer in this list is, of course, the largest video search engine i.e., YouTube. It is not like you to get tons of movies and series for free like 123Movies. Rather you can consider this as step one in your search process. Like if a particular title is not available on YouTube then switch over to other sites or apps mentioned in the list.

  • 33. IO Movies:

This next one in the list does pretty much the same thing similar to a lot of them in the list. Now if you argue that what makes this one special then. The primary difference is that you need not register, log in, or anything of that kind. Just browse the site, search for the movie or show you have in your mind, and start watching it.


This is not one of those free sites where you can watch movies, shows, series, and a lot more. But the amount that the company asks for is really justifiable. In India, we need to pay around 999 INR per year and for that pay, you get videos, music, fast deliveries, and a lot more. On top of that, customers between 18 to 24 years will get 500 INR cashback bringing the effective price to half.

No need for introducing this site or app. In fact, it may be possible you were searching for any series to watch for free. In that way, you reached to this article. But end up getting recommended the same app. Jokes aside, Netflix is surely one of the best apps to watch content. Even you can opt for a plan among two or more which can bring the price down.

sites like 123Movies


Long story short, it really took way more time to get these things together. So, it would be really appreciable if you found this list helpful. Also, do consider sharing this huge list with your friends and family members. It may be possible that they are also in search of something like this.