1337x Working URL: 1337x proxy sites unblocked 2021

Torrents are infamous for movies. Many users associate piracy movies with the word torrent. In reality, it is not correct. For starters, torrent is a peer to peer service through which one can upload high-resolution files on the server. On the other hand, any user can download those uploaded files with high-speed internet. These files may include documents, books, music, videos, apps, software, data, and, of course, movies. Still, torrent is known for downloading movies. One such torrent server is 1337x.

The name may not make any sense. But the library of movies, series, shows, and other programs will. On the note of these movies, everyone watches them. It is a go-to anytime to entertain yourself. There are many platforms and places from where you can enjoy your favourite movie. When it comes to access this list of movies for free, torrent sites are far ahead. And, 1337x is one of them. Fun fact. You get the downloadable file of any new digital release from the streaming platform on these websites. At times, it is even earlier on torrent sites.

Well, you get the idea. But it also comes with a set of questions and doubts from many users. Some believe it is illegal and unsafe to download from these websites. At the same time, some want to access the blocked proxy sites and even block ads. For all those, we have summed up this article. It includes almost everything that you may need to ask. Finally, we have included a list of some alternative options. With that said, let’s begin.

What are Proxy Sites and Mirror Links?

First of all, we can have a quick look at the proxy sites and mirror links. Because until you get a basic idea, it does not make sense to proceed further. Also, it will be helpful for new users or starters. These proxy sites are the gateway between an end-user, like you and me, and the server like 1337x. If you have downloaded any movie or file from these sites, you might notice that it provides multiple server links for one file. It is how the proxy site work. These sites may be different from the actual site but will redirect you to the official site.

Mirror links are similar to proxy sites. These are the links to the file itself. In some cases, you might have seen a magnet like an icon beside the download button. It goes through the series of sites and lands you on the downloadable file. It makes your work easier. Do note that these mirror links and magnet downloads may not be available for all types of sites and files.

Best Working 1337x Proxy Sites 2021:

Now that you have a fair idea of 1337x proxy sites, here is the list of updated and working sites for 2021. But, take it with a pinch of note. At the time of writing and publishing this article, the below-mentioned list of sites is working. In case you encounter any error or inaccessible site, then it may be blocked. You can either try out other sites in the list or look for the alternatives section in this article. On that note, here is the list. 

  1. www.1337x.unblockninja.com
  2. www.1337x.pl
  3. www.1337x.unblocked.team
  4. www.1337x.unblocked.plus
  5. www.1337x.buzz
  6. www.1337x.is
  7. www.1337x.immuncity.cab
  8. www.1337x.immunicity.plus
  9. www.1337x.unblocked.cool
  10. www.1337x.tv
  11. www.1337x.bypassed.cab
  12. www.1337x.bypassed.plus
  13. www.1337x.goblockt.com
  14. www.1337x.unblockall.xyz
  15. www.1337x.unblocked.lol
  16. www.1337x.unblocked.cab
  17. www.1337x.unblocker.cc
  18. www.1337x.link
  19. www.1337x.immunicity.team
  20. www.1337x-to.proxydude.xyz
  21. www.1337x.ws
  22. www.1337x.st

Is it safe and legal to download from 1337x Proxy Sites?

The most important comes into the picture. Many users take a backstep and concern about the safety and law regarding these 1337x proxy sites. So, let’s break the ice. First, some of the proxy sites indeed blocked by the government of India. It may be because they violate the government rules or become the victim of any copyright license. That aside, these proxy sites are legal for sure. It is because these sites do not own most of the files. It is the web server that hosts the files, and the user can download these files.

Coming to safety, they are almost safe. But, you can notice some sites that suggest you download any app, enable any permission, etc. Such activities raise the question about safety. If you come across such errors in any sites, then use any other site. Overall, you will know about the safety and law only after you visit the site. If it is accessible with no issues, then you can go for it. Still, we recommend you go through the above list and download your files.

How to unblock these proxy sites?

As mentioned earlier, proxy sites are prone to virus attacks, unsafe access, and more. The crucial part of this goes to the wrong or misleading website. For instance, you have earlier bookmarked any working 1337x proxy site. But now, it is either not available or blocked. So, instead of looking for any other alternative, you may search on how to unblock the earlier site. To do this, you can use any VPN.

A VPN provides you with a virtual network with different IP address, region, and server. With the help of this tool, you can access any blocked site from your website through another location. Among all the available options, we recommend Express VPN. It has a large number of IP address, regions, and server support. For a budget-friendly option, you can use Surfshark VPN. Anytime you can share this tool among your friends to break down the overall subscription prices.

How to block ads on 1337x sites?

Ads are annoying. Especially when they are large in number and vulgar in nature, you cannot tolerate them. At the core, you can allow ads by helping generate some revenue for the content provided. But in these proxy sites, it is not the case. So, you can block ads by installing a chrome extension. Some options are Adblocker, Adblock plus, Ad lock, Adblock Ultimate, Ad Guard, Ghostery, etc. At the same time, you can use browsers with in-built adblockers such as Opera and Brave.

Alternatives to 1337x proxy sites:

If you are looking for an alternative, then 123movies is a similar website. Earlier, we have published a dedicated article with more than 35 sites like 123movies. So, the same should hold for these proxy sites as well. If interested, then you can click here to know more.


To sum up, these were some of the most common queries and doubts regarding these proxy sites. So, we hope that this article has cleared almost all the doubts and confusions in your mind. If so, then consider sharing this article with your friends as well. Pro-tip. You can even bookmark our page to keep a note of these latest proxy sites.